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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Aug 27, 2015

If you want your dog shampooed and rinsed in less than a minute, Woof Washer 360 claims to deliver. How? By featuring a plastic ring that fits around your dog, and strategically placed holes that gently spray water all over their body.

This is why Woof Washer 360 is claimed to provide “360 degrees of clean.”

Woof Washer 360’s pressure control handle also allows you to adjust the pressure to your dog’s liking, while you can change between water and suds with the flip of a switch.

Woof Washer 360 works over 3 steps:

  1. Attach a garden hose to your Woof Washer 360.
  2. Slip the hoop over your dog and slide into the on position. From there, the water and soap mix to create cleansing suds.
  3. Finally, switch to rinse mode (water only) to finishing washing away any remaining soap.

Woof Washer 360’s Competition

We’ve reviewed hundreds of ASOTV products here at HighYa, and it’s often the case that they’re just slightly redesigned versions of products that already exist.

Not so in the case of Woof Washer 360. The design appears to be completely different than anything else out there, so if that’s what you’re after, you really only have one choice.

If you’re willing to be more open with your options, you’ll find thousands of other products that can help make washing your dog easier, including tubs, harnesses, mats, scrubbing mitts, and much more.

Woof Washer 360’s Scrubbing Power

Even though Woof Washer 360 claims to scrub your dog while you’re washing, don’t confuse this with hand scrubbing.

Sure, depending on the pressure you use, Woof Washer 360’s jets might provide a minimal amount of scrubbing. But it’s not going to be anywhere near as effective as manually scrubbing by hand, and especially not as effective as using a rubber mitt or a loofah glove.

So Woof Washer 360 might be best for cleaning surface dirt, mud, and other debris off your dog. But if you’re looking for the deepest clean possible, then nothing beats a little elbow grease.

Will Woof Washer 360 Help Ease Your Dog’s Bath Time Woes?

For the most part, dogs don’t like being constrained and soaked with water at the same time. So they’re not always going to cooperate during a bath, and there’s nothing about Woof Washer 360’s design that would necessarily address this.

Will it probably make it a little easier to wash your dog? It’s possible. But if your dog doesn’t like to get wet, or is otherwise unruly during bath time, then this might be a behavioral issue that needs to be addressed. Otherwise, you (and your dog) might start loathing bath time, regardless whether you’re using Woof Washer 360 or another product.

You might be able to ease some of your dog’s tension by protecting their eyes and ears when bathing, avoiding lathering their head (use a washcloth instead), making sure the water temperature is comfortable (do you like freezing cold baths?), and gently but thoroughly brushing their coat afterward.

Also, make sure you’re using a high quality shampoo on your dog. Otherwise, you could dry their skin, result in itching, and cause them to dislike bathing even more.

Once you’re finished, be sure to reward your dog and reinforce positivity by giving them their favorite treat, playing a game, or taking them on a walk. Over time, this can show your dog that bath time is positive and fun; not something to be avoided.

Should Woof Washer 360’s manufacturer be avoided?

Who Makes Woof Washer 360?

Woof Washer 360 is manufactured by Telebrands, the oldest “As Seen on TV” company in existence. They’ve made many popular products over the years, including Ankle Genie, Pocket Hose Ultra, Wow Cup, and more.

What are customers saying about these products? With more than 150 reader reviews, they have an average rating of 1.5 stars here on HighYa. Why? Common complaints reference poor quality, failure to work as advertised, and less-than-stellar customer service.

Will you experience the same with Woof Washer 360? It’s difficult to say, but worth keeping in mind.

Telebrands also came under the scrutiny of the NJ Attorney General’s office in 2014, who claims they violated the Consumer Fraud Act. The investigation is ongoing, but Telebrands also had a D- rating with the BBB during our research, will many of the same complaints noted above.

Woof Washer 360’s Price

Editor’s note: At the time of our last update of this page on 7/5/19, it appears that the ASOTV offer is no longer active but the product is still being sold on Amazon.

Woof Washer 360 is available in 2 different options:

  • Small (40" circumference – 25 pounds and under): $19.99
  • Large (49" circumference – over 25 pounds): $29.99

S&H for each order is $7.99, which also includes a free drying mitt.

According to the Woof Washer 360 website, it comes with 5-year money back guarantee (even if you don’t love it). Elsewhere though, it’s only claimed to come with a 30-day refund policy.

To clarify, we contacted Telebrands customer service at 855-668-1655. There, they mentioned that the 30-days applies to the standard version, while the 5-year guarantee only applies to the deluxe version. When we mentioned that there’s nothing regarding a deluxe version on the website, we were told Woof Washer 360 “was a new product, so there wasn’t a lot of information available.”

The Bottom Line

While there’s nothing quite like Woof Washer 360 anywhere else in the marketplace, this doesn’t mean that it’s your best option.

There’s only a 9" difference between the small and large versions, so if your dog’s especially big, it might not fit. Also, if your dog has a medium to thick coat (or if they’re especially dirty), the water pressure provided by Woof Washer 360 might not be enough for a deep, thorough clean.

Lastly, although Woof Washer might be great during the summer, it definitely wouldn’t work during the colder months (unless you have the ability to bathe your dog indoors while keeping access to your water hose). So when the chill returns, you’ll be right back inside.

Our recommendation? Explore local options first. Many cities now even offer public dog bathing facilities! And if the main problem is your dog’s behavior, you might need to speak with a professional trainer.

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  • 0 out 1 people found this review helpful

    Not worth anything

    It did not work right out of the box. Shampoo dilutes with water. Shampoo and rinse knob struck. Dogs did not like water hitting them from all sides. All in all, a dismal failure. I am heading back to Walmart to get my money back. Total piece of crap. I gave it a one star only because the site would not allow a zero.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 3 out 3 people found this review helpful

    Woof Washer 360 failure

    • By Dan,
    • Oklahoma City, OK,
    • Feb 15, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    I had a failed first use, it wouldn't pass water at all. The switch valve seems cheaply made; this one won't work at all.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 94 out 98 people found this review helpful

    Woof Washer 360

    This product is a joke! The handle is plastic and won't secure the metal end of the garden hose. I got more wet than my dog did and the shampoo wouldn't release. Horrible experience. Would love to have my money back. I'll chalk this up to believing a stupid advertisement.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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