About Wow Cakes

Wow Cakes attempts to live up to its name by promising to make single-serving desserts in seconds. Fill one of the colorful silicon cups with batter, pop in the microwave, and they claim you will have your own cake to eat 60 seconds later.

Wow Cakes is sold by Spark Innovators, a direct marketing company based in Towaco NJ that is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. The BBB website gives the company an F rating, which it says is due failure to respond to 2 complaints.

How Wow Cakes Work

Wow Cakes are stylishly slanted silicon cups and come in a set of red, blue, green, and orange; they claim the product surface is non-stick, BPA-free, and dishwasher-safe. To use Wow Cakes, they say to add your favorite ingredients mix, and microwave for 1 minute; they encourage you to then add your favorite toppings and enjoy right out of the cup.

They tout the secret to Wow Cakes is that the cup evenly circulates microwave heat for perfect baking that’s super-fast. Some of the suggestions for Wow Cakes include S’more cakes, PB&J-filled cakes, or raisin-and-carrot cakes. They add you can also use Wow Cakes to make muffins or meals such as mac & cheese. (They tout the included recipe book has these ideas and more.)

They say making a cake with Wow Cakes is much faster and easier than baking in a hot oven and can be even enjoyed at the office during a break.

Wow Cakes include:

  • Red and Blue Wow Cakes
  • 10-piece decorating kit
  • 60-second recipe book
  • Orange and Green Wow Cakes “free” (separate S & H)

Wow Cakes Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

They claim 2 Wow Cakes are $10 plus $6.99 handling and that they double your order “free”, but in reality they charge you another $6.99 in fees, making the total $23.98 for 4. This is a typical ploy by direct marketers to not only secretly inflate the price of the product, but they will also keep these fees even if you return the items within the allotted 30-day money-back period. (Plus, you have to pay to ship them back.)

Bottom Line: Is Wow Cakes a Scam?

The product itself seems to work as advertised, but there is nothing really special about a microwave-safe plastic cup, especially if it ends up costing you almost $24. That’s a lot of money, we think, to have your (single serving) cake and eat it too. 

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