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The Xglide Speed Painter claims to be a revolutionary patented paint roller that features three different adjustment settings to cover corners, edging, and two sides at once, simply by clicking it into different configurations. And by combining 3 different tools into one roller, the Xglide is claimed to help you paint your home up to 2X faster, while providing a professional looking finish with less paint used.

How Does the Xglide Speed Painter Claim to Work?

When using the Xglide Speed Painter, you’ll be able to choose between the following functions, simply by clicking it into place:

  • Wide format, similar to a traditional roller, although the Xglide is split in the middle and holds 2 smaller rollers side-by-side.
  • Pivot in the middle, causing each roller to form an L shape, which is claimed to be great for corners.
  • Split in the middle (almost like a pair of scissors) so that each small roller is on the opposite side of the other, allowing you to paint 2 sides at once. The company claims this is ideal for spindles, deck railings, fences, and more.

Each of Xglide’s rollers is claimed to be made of three-sided, super absorbent fibers that conform to any surface and release paint only when they touch a surface (known as lock and hold technology), thereby preventing dripping and spattering. One roller also includes a quick edger that’s claimed to allow you to paint right up to the edge, while the other includes an inside edger that can make painting inside corners a breeze.

Can the Xglide Help You Paint Twice As Fast?

If we’re being upfront, we think the concept behind the Xglide Speed Painter is pretty cool, and we’d be thrilled if it worked as well as it claims. But does it? Consider the following:

Preparation vs. Painting

If you’ve ever spent time painting just one room of a house, you understand that preparation is often the key to leaving as little mess as possible once you’re done. This involves everything from covering furniture to laying down paper or plastic, taping it to the wall, and making sure there are no open seams where paint can get through. Otherwise, you might find little flecks of paint everywhere for years to come.

The point here is that preparing for painting can often taking just as long as the painting processing itself, which is something that’s absolutely necessary, but one that the Xglide won’t be able to help you with.

Keep Your Expectations Realistic

Painting is a skill, and like any other skill you’ve acquired throughout your life, becoming good at it involves a lot of practice, and takes time to learn all the little nuances that can mean the difference between a good paint job and a great one. So while Xglide may provide the ability to achieve a professional-looking paint job, the process is just as much about skill as it is the tools you’re using.

Revolutionary Features?

The Xglide Speed Painter’s unique ability to paint inside and outside corners, in addition to 2 sides at once, is definitely forward-thinking, but this doesn’t mean that it will excel at all of them.

For example, the Xglide’s quick edger simply appears to be a piece of plastic at the end of one of the rollers. As such, if it were to get only a little bit of paint on it, which would seem fairly likely when reapplying paint in the tray, it looks like it would immediately lose its ability to provide a clean edge.

In addition, while the Xglide’s wide stance may be ideal for covering a large amount of wall as quickly as possible, it does have one main disadvantage. When the Xglide is pivoted in the middle for corners, you’ll need a fair amount of clearance on each side as the rollers are somewhat wide, even when “split” in half.

Can the Xglide Paint Every Surface in Your House?

While the Xglide promo video shows pictures of a variety of freshly painted surfaces, including kitchen cabinets, this shouldn’t be take to mean that this “As Seen on TV” roller is the only tool you’ll need. In the instance of cabinets for example, at minimum you’ll need 1-2 sizes of paintbrushes, and you’ll need to prime the cabinets (and even sand them down in some instances) beforehand.

In other words, it’s often the case that professional results come from several steps, and isn’t as simple as the roller you choose to apply the paint with.

Xglide Speed Painter Pricing & Refund Policy

Each Xglide Speed Painter set comes with 1 paint unit, two 4-inch rollers, and an edger attachment. Because the Xglide is an ASOTV product, you’ll be required to purchase a second unit for an additional S&H charge.

With this said, 2 Xglide Speed Painters are priced at $35.85, with $15.90 of this consisting of S&H charges. According to the Xglide website, you’ll be able to receive free rollers for life, just pay S&H each time.

The Xglide Speed Painter comes with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges. In order to process a refund, you’ll need to contact customer service at (781) 763-7333. Note: The Xglide is manufactured by Harvest Direct TV, who has a B- Better Business Bureau rating, based on 91 closed complaints (as of 10/30/14). Of these, the most common complaints appear to reference difficulty processing refunds.

Bottom line:

If you’re willing to gamble $16 on S&H charges if you’re dissatisfied with your purchase, in addition to the price you’ll pay when shipping it back to the manufacturer, the Xglide Speed Painter looks like it could end up saving you a decent amount of time—if it works as advertised.

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