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Made with “heavy duty tactical technology,” the XL900 Tac Lite is a survival flashlight featuring nine long-lasting LEDs that generate 900 lumens, along with heavy-duty construction and eight built-in tools.

In the back of the XL900 Tac Lite, you’ll find a utility knife, bottle and can opener, a pair of scissors, a Phillips head screwdriver, a flat head screwdriver and bolt remover; a saw blade/seatbelt cutter, and glass breaking hammer.

In the middle, on top of XL900’s ergonomic handle, the manufacturer added a Protection button that, when pressed, will trigger a “blinding, flashing strobe light to disorient and neutralize a home intruder or aggressive street predator.”

When turned on, we’re told you’ll find the LEDs at the front of XL900 “almost daylight bright,” allowing the beam to be visible from up to two nautical miles away.

Finally, on the inside, the XL900 Tac Lite comes equipped with a rechargeable battery that’ll always remain untouched, since the company claims it’s nearly impossible to break, even after being frozen in ice and submerged in boiling water.

These are undoubtedly some cool features. But is XL900 Tac Lite really “the last flashlight you'll ever have to buy”? Is there anything else like it? Is it worth the money?

Let’s begin answering your questions by talking about tactical flashlights in general.

Does the XL900 Tac Lite Meet the Definition of a Tactical Flashlight?

We’ll discuss this more in-depth shortly, but the HighYa team has written about many popular options among this recent surge in tactical flashlights. And what we’ve learned during the process is that tactical flashlights generally meet the following three criteria:

  • Quality bulbs with a minimum light output of 60 lumens
  • A beam with no holes or dark spots
  • A powerful battery that can deliver enough juice to the bulbs
  • Durable construction that can withstand exposure to the elements

According to the manufacturer, XL900 features nine LEDs that put out 900 lumens of brightness, a rechargeable battery (although we’re not informed about any of the battery’s specs), and the ability to withstand ice and boiling water.

So, at least from this perspective, the XL900 Tac Lite seems to meet the definition of a tactical flashlight. But does this mean it’s necessarily your best option?

Is XL900 Meaningfully Different Than Other Tactical Flashlights?

Remember those other tactical flashlights we mentioned earlier? These include TacLight, Atomic Beam USA, and Shadowhawk X800. We’ve even reviewed tactical pens like Defender X and lanterns like TacLight Lantern.

Sticking with flashlights, though, searching online for “tactical flashlight” returns hundreds of results, most of which share the same heavy-duty construction, the ability to resist hold and cold water, ultra-bright beams that can be seen up to two nautical miles away, and strobes to deter assailants as XL900.

The biggest difference is that these other options don’t seem to feature the same miniature tool set (similar to a Swiss army knife) as the XL900 Tac Lite.

XL900 Tac Lite Built in ToolsCompared to most other tactical flashlights, the XL900 Tac Lite differentiates itself with 8 built-in tools at one end. Image credit: Tristar Products

Does this feature alone mean that it’s more worthy of your money than the competition? Next, let’s talk price.

How Much Does the XL900 Tac Lite Cost?

Although the XL900 Tac Lite was sold out at the time of our research, it’s priced at $19.99 plus an unknown amount for processing and handling. We’ll be sure to check back frequently and update this review as soon as more information is available.

Comparatively, you’ll find that nearly all of these other ASOTV tactical flashlights are priced the same, while competing models from non-ASOTV companies tend to come with higher prices, often between $30 and $50+.

Like most Tristar products, XL900 comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, less S&H. In order to request one, you’ll need to call customer service at 973-287-5100.

Considering the fact that XL900 was sold out, is there a ton of online customer feedback for the flashlight?

Why Aren’t There Any XL900 Reviews?

We often write about products as soon as they’re released, so XL900 Tac Light might not have necessarily been sold out; instead, it probably wasn’t ready for distribution yet.

However, Tristar is an extraordinarily popular company within the As Seen on TV industry (in fact, it’s the second largest manufacturer of these kinds of products), with recent hits like the Copper Wear lineup, Clear TV, Power Pressure Cooker XL, and many more.

Overall, these products have an average rating of about two stars from HighYa readers (which is common among all products in this industry, including those from third-party manufacturers), based on common complaints like:

  • Didn’t meet performance and/or quality expectations
  • Customer service issues, often related to difficulty obtaining refunds and constant upsells during phone calls

Are we saying you’re sure to experience the same with the XL900 Tac Lite? Certainly not. Our only goal is to provide the information and help you become a more empowered consumer.

Is the XL900 Tac Lite Sure to Brighten Your Day?

Whether to keep in every room of the house for power outages, in a toolbox or glove compartment for emergencies, in the garage for repairs, or just about anywhere else, it seems like we can never have too many flashlights around.

And while tactical flashlights have traditionally been used alongside firearms, their renewed popularity and rugged construction mean that you have tons of options to choose from, although most offer the same standard set of features.

Comparatively, XL900 seems to meaningfully set itself apart from the competition with its eight built-in tools, while remaining priced about the same.

Does this mean it’s worth your money? Will it perform as advertised and deliver on all its promises? We’ll just have to wait until customer reviews start rolling in to find out.

But if you’re not satisfied with the XL900 Tac Lite, you can always take advantage of Tristar’s 60-day refund policy.

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