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With more than 80% of all MLS listings available (120+ million properties), including for sale, rent, or auction, Xome.com is an online portal that claims to make the real estate process more transparent and less complex for consumers and real estate professionals alike.

How? According to Xome, they accomplish this by allowing each party to maintain complete transparency throughout, from financing to insurance, so that everyone knows what’s going on. In fact, Xome.com claims they’ve come up with “a radically better way to buy and sell a home” by “creating a bridge between the offline and online worlds.” In addition, Xome also claims to help buyers and sellers save money on real estate commissions, which we’ll discuss shortly.

But is this really what you can expect by using Xome to purchase your next home or sell your existing one? We’ll answer all your important questions in a moment, but let’s first take a look at the company’s processes.

The Xome Home Buying, Selling, & Auction Process

If buying a home, the Xome.com process works over 3 steps:

  1. Search for homes, select your property, and get a fast-track pre-qualification using a pre-selected lender.
  2. Select your top-rated Xome agent, who will be available 24/7, and who will act as your single point of contact. Buying a home through Xome.com also gives you access to Xome Concierge, which we’ll come back to in the following section.
  3. Make an offer, obtain your mortgage, sign paperwork, and close (including appraisals, inspections, and so forth) on your new home. Most documents are sent through email and signed using e-signature technology, although some paperwork will need to be completed by a notary service.

If selling a home, the process works over 3 (somewhat simpler) steps:

  1. Claim your home on Xome, which involves entering your address on the Xome home page and signing into your account. This allows you to “track important changes to the value of your home and market conditions in your neighborhood.”
  2. Choose your Xome.com agent, who will be responsible for making “sure your home is properly marketed, listed in the MLS, and who will work hard to try and maximize the sales price.”
  3. Review and accept offers, sign documents, and close on your home. Then, you can begin the process again if you’re looking to purchase a new property.

Real estate auctions are handled through HomeSearch.com (in fact, Xome.com appears to be a sub-company of HomeSearch.com, as we’ll discuss in a moment), where you can search for “real estate owned, short sale, pre-foreclosure/foreclosure, and luxury properties for auction.” Again, the auction process works over 3 steps:

  1. Locate a property you’re interested in and contact the listing agent directly.
  2. Bid for the property in real time.
  3. If your bid wins the auction, you’ll be contacted by a representative to begin the closing process, and Xome can help walk you through the paperwork.

Xome.com’s Savings Program

Xome.com’s Savings Program allows buyers and sellers to receive 1% off their total transaction cost by using one of their agents, which is part of the company’s savings program.

This means that if you were to buy a $400K home, you could save $4K in commissions. And if you were to use Xome again to purchase a new $400K property, you could potentially save another $4K, which quickly adds up.

However, according to Xome’s Disclosure page, “The Xome Savings program (Minimum 1% cash back) is not available in the following states due to applicable state law: AK, IA, KS, LA, MS, MO, OK, OR and TN.” As such, if you live in one of these states, you’re out of luck.

Xome Concierge Program

If you’re buying a home, Xome’s Concierge service, is claimed to provide you with all the resources you need, including 24/7 access to your agent via chat, email or phone.

As an agent, Xome.com Concierge also works as a virtual assistant to help you focus on your business, in addition to providing you with “qualified homebuyer and sellers who are ready to go.”

In either instance, the company claims that their Concierge service can help you “get dynamic ratings, real-time data, and revolutionary tools to manage your buying or selling process.”

What Happens if Your Home Listing Isn’t On Xome?

After learning that only about 80% of MLS listings are featured on Xome, we wondered if a buyer found a listing that wasn’t shown on the website, would their Xome agent be able to help them?

There wasn’t any additional information provided online, so we contacted Xome’s Concierge customer service to find out. According to them, all you would need to do is inform the company and they would put the address on the agent’s panel. At the point, your Xome.com agent would then be able to represent you in the transaction.

Are Customers Happy with Xome.com?

At the time of our research, there were very few online customer reviews for Xome. However, we did come across a recent Reddit thread, where one user summed everything up nicely:

From what I can gather, it seems like the big difference is that all Xome agents are similar to Redfin's partner agents instead of one of Redfin's salaried agents.

Redfin's idea is that by offloading the marketing, planning, etc. to tech and other parts of the company, deal writing agents can be more efficient. This allows the company to play with slimmer margins and more volume (and hopefully equal or greater service). This business model doesn't really work for lower priced markets because there is a certain fixed cost per house associated with it - that's why the 200k limit exists. Instead, at those price points, they do a referral program to third party agents that pay some sort of referral fee.

From what I can tell, Xome is entirely based off referral fees. It appears that the idea is that the technology platform of Xome should be a great enough advantage for RE agents that they would be willing to give up 1% commission and a referral fee. They also seem to make money off of mortgage and title/escrow, perhaps through referrals or even through subsidiary companies.

In some sense, Xome actually feels like a Zillow that charges per sale rather than per click.

Some of the company names listed on the Xome.com website include Xome Inc. and Xome CT LLC, both of which are based out of Lewisville, TX, although neither were listed with the Better Business Bureau.

According to a June 2015 HousingWire.com article, however, “Xome is formerly known as Solutionstar and is an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Nationstar Mortgage Holdings.” At the time of our research, Nationstar Mortgage held an F rating with the Better Business Bureau, based on a whopping 3,100+ complaints (as of 6/18/15).

Most of these appeared to reference everything from misapplied mortgage payments to unwanted, high-pressure phone calls.

Finally, according to 46 HighYa reader reviews for HomeSearch.com, they gave the company an average rating of 1.5 stars, with common complaints citing difficulty closing on properties after successfully winning auctions, listings that contained incorrect information (accidentally or otherwise), poor customer service experiences, and that the overall experience isn’t focused on being user friendly.

Granted, since Xome.com is a subsidiary of these companies, this doesn’t mean you’ll experience the same.

Xome.com Pricing & Fee Structure

Whether you’re a buyer, seller, or an agent, signing up for a Xome account is free, which you can accomplish by entering your Facebook credentials or signing up manually using your email address.

As a real estate agent, there are no upfront costs for joining Xome, although you will have to reduce your commission for all purchases and sales by 1%, in addition to paying a “referral fee” (amount undisclosed) to Xome for each closed transaction.

Note: According to the Xome website, you’ll be required to “bid for qualified home buyer and seller opportunities,” so this means you might have to reduce your commission even further in order to actually land a client.

If you have any questions, Xome’s customer service can be reached by phone at 844-251-0077.

Will Xome Change the Way You Buy & Sell Your Home?

Chopping to the point: Xome.com seems to represent the beginning of a big shift in how we buy and sell homes, which instead of locally, seems to be increasingly moving online. And as a result of their new business model, you might be able to save a big chunk of change on commissions during the buying and/or selling process.

With this said, it seems that Xome’s parent companies have less-than-stellar online reputations with customers, so you might want to approach carefully.

Have you used Xome? If so, be sure to tell the world about it by writing a review!

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  • 33 out 34 people found this review helpful


    • By Scott,
    • Port Charlotte,
    • Dec 18, 2016
    • Verified Reviewer

    1) They make you give them $2500 deposit to bid.

    2) They never release the "reserve not met".

    3) They never accept the highest bidders offer.

    4) You never have a contract until you accept their counter offer, which is much higher than your "highest bid".

    5) They have silent non-real bidders that are there only to drive the price up. They even tell you that they will do this. FRAUD.

    The bottom line is they have no real auction, it's only a way for the banks to get the highest bidder to start negotiating after the auction.

    They hold all the cards and you are left with wasting your time or overpaying for a foreclosed house.

    Why pay over retail because they will never sell it for the starting prices or even the highest bidders prices. That's what I believe and have seen over and over again.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 33 out 35 people found this review helpful

    Not a normal auction bidding engine

    • By Rosemary,
    • Providence, RI,
    • Feb 15, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    I read the fairly skimpy FAQs on the site twice. As I understood the FAQs, this would be a regular auction where you place your highest bid through the engine and then the engine bids for you incrementally, up until you are above the level of the reserve (if it's below your bid), or you are the highest bidder at an increment just above the next highest bidder.

    But, when I went to place an actual bid, this was not the case.

    Instead, I typed in my highest bid, clicked the button and wham bang, my highest bid was posted on the site as a live bid immediately in total. The site noted the reserve was met, but did not say what that reserve had been. It just showed my highest bid as though it were my only bid. So, no incremental bidding occurred whatsoever.

    Note: there was no confirmation page to click through while bidding, so it was only a one-click process, which was also disconcerting.

    I immediately called the phone number. The service person who answered asked for my info and then told me I would not be the highest bid. I asked why she would say that so quickly because I've researched that property thoroughly and my high bid was very high, because I thought it had to be my best and final offer (as opposed to an incremental one). She would not explain.

    I asked her to remove my bid, given that the site was confusing and I misunderstood the process, and there was no confirmation screen. She said she could not do that.

    I asked her what to do. She said if I wind up being the highest bidder, I could then contact the seller and tell them I was not going to pay that amount and make them another, lower offer. Then she said the seller would get to decide if they should take my offer or relist the auction again.

    I said, "but that means the auction is not binding?" She said, "that's what I can do."

    I then tried to email the company by hitting "reply" to the bid confirmation email they sent me. However, my message did not go through because they have not set up an email box for the address they send emails "from" (the message I got was: Your message to AuctionAlerts@xome.com couldn't be delivered).

    AuctionAlerts wasn't found at Xome.com. Right now all I can see are a lot of red flags.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 32 out 35 people found this review helpful

    Over priced auctions

    • By Rahul Dub,
    • Washington DC,
    • Jun 16, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    I saw a listening which was originally listed for $170,000 for purchase, but also had preliminary auction through Xome.com. The bid started from $89,000 and ended up with a final bid of $169,000 (cash only). Add 5% of Xome.com's commission on the top of $169,000.

    After doing thorough research about Xome.com, I discovered that it is owned by Nationstar Mortgage Company. Their auctions are over-priced and fooling buyers by thinking that you are buying the property from the bank. Although you are initially buying the property from the bank, but Nationstar or Xome.com are third party agencies taking their hefty commissions and manipulating the auction bids. Nationstar should be investigated for manipulating auction prices and deceptive business tactics used by them to fool customers.

    Xome.com is nothing besides a fraud company intentionally started by Nationstar to manipulate house prices and fool buyers. Stay AWAY unless you want to purchase crappy damaged properties and pay overpriced bids through BIDDING. You are bidding against the Nationstar Mortgage Company, and they manipulate the bidding process and make buyers pay thousands of dollars over the house initial value and worst is their 5% commission on top of the overpriced bid! Fraudsters.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 31 out 33 people found this review helpful

    Went bad

    • By Sherwood ,
    • New York, NY,
    • Aug 15, 2016
    • Verified Reviewer

    Was awarded a home. Sent out earnest money deposit. Then could not get in touch with anyone to know where my money was. Took weeks before I could talk to an attorney that said they were not handling this anymore. Got finally the "seller" attorney. Signed a contract of sale. Waiting for the closing, months passed. Closing date never came. Instead a cancelation notice from bank. My attorney sends me back my deposit MINUS $2,500 that I can not get back. Never again. This all looks shady, especially that there was no one there after they get their money. All up in the air waiting for closing, or not. And on top of this my attorney charges me anyway. This was not a good experience and I'm out a lot of money.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 30 out 31 people found this review helpful

    Fees Recap

    • By Tina Bartel,
    • Southern California,
    • Dec 26, 2016
    • Verified Reviewer

    Had a client interested in one of these properties, they want to pay my brokerage 1% commission (finders fee) in exchange for me recommending to my client that he buy a home for all cash, with no inspections or contingencies, plus my Buyer pay XOME a 5% Buyer Premium on top of the sales price. They also want to issue a Special Warranty Deed (look that up compared to a traditional Grant Deed). Both Buyer and Seller are giving up all the protections of normal arms-length negotiations and time-tested contracts thru professional Agents. Even aside from the fees (which nobody is saving anyway) I do not see this company system being anything but a lawsuit waiting to happen for a client.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 29 out 34 people found this review helpful

    Be very afraid of this company

    • By Kim S.,
    • Louisville, KY,
    • Jul 21, 2015
    • Verified Reviewer

    I've been a licensed Broker for 26 years and have been listing Nationstar Mortgage and Solutionstar REO properties for 6 years. Xome, their subsidiary, has threatened to cancel my listings unless I sign their Xome agreement, which includes providing them with consumer's private documents for every transaction in addition to the sliding scale of referral fees due, commission rebates due, allowing them to market my services as they deem fit and expecting me to literally show a home to a buyer at a moment's notice without regard for our safety.

    They do not vet or pre-qualify a lead, thus we are expected to bring consumers into people's homes that may not have any qualifications at all. After refusing to sign their agreement, they harassed me daily via phone and email, always ending the conversation with the threat of canceling all other business I have with their affiliated companies. If they are treating Realtors like this, I wonder how they will treat consumers?

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 27 out 30 people found this review helpful

    Stay away!

    Eighteen days after initial contact I still have not had an agent visit, and they are eight miles away. No contact whatsoever. I tried through an assigned out of state coordinator, and phone calls were not returned and emails not answered. I am very frustrated.

    I finally got a manager in Texas online, and after telling my story, she called back and said they did not want my business and accused me of using expletives with the coordinator. TOTAL LIE. I had one phone call with the person who accused me, and why use bad language on the initial phone call? All phone conversations are recorded, but the manager could not supply me any proof of accusation. These people are very shady!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 25 out 26 people found this review helpful

    Extremely difficult to receive answers after closing

    I represented a cash buyer that recently purchased a house through XOME and a $300 "buyers agent bonus" was offered. We utilized a local title company to process the transaction. When I requested the $300 be charged on the HUD closing statement, the local title company advised me that "They are paying for zero fees. Your $300 will come to you after the closing from the auction company." When I contacted XOME inquiring about our check approximately 1 week after the closing, the response was "usually 30 days after closing" is when I can expect our commission check.

    I contacted XOME again on day 30, and was told "your check was sent on Monday UPS, per the Accounting Department." It is now Thursday, 35 days after closing, and XOME cannot provide a UPS tracking number that affirms they have mailed the check, and to the correct address. Their customer service has been absolutely horrible. If they actually had mailed our commission check via SNAIL MAIL we would have received it by now. XOME would not provide any contact information for their Accounting Department, not even an email address to contact. I've left voice messages with Customer Service, also a Manager, without any response. BEWARE if you conduct business with XOME, do not expect to be compensated in a timely manner.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 24 out 30 people found this review helpful

    Total SCAM.

    • By John,
    • Tampa, FL,
    • Dec 12, 2015
    • Verified Reviewer

    This company is a total scam. Do not buy anything from them. Their real estate tactics are borderline illegal. They are also in cahoots with homesearch.com, another scam company. Research homesearch.com and it will tell you all you need to know. They're changing names to Xome to try to improve their company image. There's only so much lipstick in the world, but enough doesn't cover up what's going on with these companies and their parent company Nationstar Mortgage.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 23 out 24 people found this review helpful

    Total lack of follow-throughs and too many lies.

    • By Joe,
    • Tampa, FL,
    • Nov 17, 2015

    I am a realtor and worked as a signing agent for these folks for quite a while. These people sought me out due to my many years of quality work, and I agreed to help them. During this time they have changed their names 4 times and offer no explanation as to why. They most recently started their on app for the cell phone and if you do not use it, you lose everything with them. I have been experiencing quite a few glitches with the app and have called and requested help.

    They have promised help in trying to get the app working but fail to follow through with the help they offer. This has lead them to slam my quality of work, which, when asked for specifics, all they can say is I cannot work their new app. And once again, there was promised help that has never been delivered. I have attempted to be the nice guy and they have done nothing but be late and lie about when things are going to happen.

    They hire young girls that are of little assistance and none of them even seem to care. I do not see them being a main player at anytime. It sounds to me that they just change their name when they fail and try to rally with the same problems.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 23 out 24 people found this review helpful

    Don't waste your time

    Please do not waste your time with Xome.com!

    I posted my home with forsalebyowner.com. They told me about a new program they are trying with Xome. It was free, so I thought I could at least give it a try, what could it hurt right? They are just helping me sell my home fast right? WRONG! I have had nothing but problems.

    They set me up with a "local" agent to help sell my home, turns out she lives in a different state! Hours away from me and my home. She came out to my house, took pictures and got information about our home. After about a week, I finally found ads for our home. None of the ads had the same information and she posted multiple things wrong! I had emailed her and let her know, just in case it was a mistake, it happens.

    Three weeks later, things were still not changed! When she looked at our home, she didn't have "for sale" signs with her so she said they would be to us at the end of the week. Over a month in a half later, after talking to a higher up in Xome with asking why the signs have not shown up yet and being told they had been mailed many times, I finally got a sign. Just the sign; no arrow and no way to put it in the ground, so that really doesn't do me any good.

    I have tried to contact our "local" agent many times with no response, so I contacted forsalebyowner.com to let them know what was going on since it makes them look bad as well. I then received a TEXT from our "local" agent, VERY unprofessional. She told me that putting the wrong things on ads (like putting it had more bathrooms than it really does) would only help me sell my home, not hurt it. Sorry, but that is lying and I just want this house gone. She also proceeds to tell me that if I want to sell my home quicker that I should just lower my price! This is with her putting in NO effort and before I finally got the "for sale" sign.

    I talked with the Xome "Relationship Manager" and told me that if there were any other problems that I could just contact her and she would handle everything. My house was also supped to be going up to this auction thing and she would let me know how it went when it was over. I have contacted this "Relationship Manager" about the signs still being wrong and asking about how the auction went. NO answer.

    Long story short, please do not waste your time with this like me. They are rude and have no interest in actually helping you. Sadly, I am still trying to deal with them, and I am now stuck with two house payments since they have just messed around with "selling" my home.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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