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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Feb 6, 2018

Disguised as fashionable polarized sunglasses for women and men, XVision’s built-in camera allows you to record up to two hours of wide angle, 1080P high-definition video, completely hands-free.

Then, when the time comes, the commercial advertises that you’ll just recharge the sunglasses using a USB cable and a computer (or an electrical outlet), and you’ll soon be ready to “capture unbelievable images from your point of view” again.

We didn’t test any devices ourselves, but based on what we learned from the product’s website, it seems like XVision's recharging ability and the built-in camera could deliver the hands-free recording and convenience advertised by the company.

But, will it really live up to the manufacturer’s claims of delivering unbelievable, professional quality audio and video? Give us a few minutes, and this mini buyer’s guide could help you make a more informed decision.

Before we get to the competition, though, let’s discuss basic—but important—criteria like the price and the company who makes it.

How Much Does XVision Cost?

One pair of XVision video sunglasses is priced at $39.99, plus free shipping, which includes an 8 GB Micro SD card, USB cable, and carrying case.

During checkout, you can upgrade to the Deluxe model, plus a large 16GB Micro SD card and adapter for an additional $14.99 fee. We spoke to a service representative who advised that the Deluxe version features up to two hours of battery life on a single charge, whereas the Standard version will last one hour.

At this same time, you can also choose to purchase a second Standard version for an additional $19.99 fee, or an additional Deluxe unit for $27.49.

All XVision orders come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, less S&H, which you can request by calling Telebrands customer service at 855-668-1655.

Does XVision Come From a Reputable Manufacturer?

In business for more than 30 years, Telebrands is the largest and longest-running As Seen on TV company in the industry. Some of their recent standout releases include Atomic Beam USA, Crank Chop, Bavarian Edge, and the Ped Egg line, such as Power and Spa.

Telebrands held a D+ Better Business Bureau rating, based on 28 customer reviews (27 of which were negative) and more than 320 closed complaints, as of 2/6/18. Many referenced less-than-stellar product performance, although a representative was quick to respond with a solution.

Now that we have a solid foundation to work from, let’s take a closer look at XVision’s competition.

Comparing the Competition: How to Buy Video Camera Sunglasses Like XVision

Whether you search for ‘video sunglasses,’ ‘spy camera sunglasses,’ or another related term, it’s easy to see that XVision is up against a fair amount of competition, across a spectrum of designs and at a wide variety of price points.

In fact, we found dozens of almost identical generic models to XVision during our research, which were available from dozens of independent eBay sellers. Elsewhere online, we found a handful of them advertised as:

  • HD 1280p Hidden Camera Eyewear Designer Sunglasses With Video (Overstock, $60)
  • 1080P HD Spy Camera Sunglasses 8G Mini Camera Eyewear Hidden Camera Video Recorder DV DVR (Newegg, $50)
  • Spy Eyeglasses Mini Camera Sunglasses 1080P HD Hidden Cam Camcorder Video DV DVR Recorder + 8GB SD TF Card (Amazon, $50)

Outside of these, some of the top rechargeable models listed on marketplaces like Google Shopping and Amazon—and their key specs—were:

Product Price Special Features
XVision $40-$60, depending on model Frame mounted single camera (left arm), 1080p resolution, wide-angle lens, supports up to 16GB removable Micro SD card, 2-hr recharge time
SpyTec Inventio-HD+ 1080P Video Sunglasses $100 Center mounted single camera, 1080p resolution, wide angle lens (135°), supports up to 32GB removable Micro SD card
TOBENONE Sunglasses with HD Camera $53 Center mounted single camera, 720p resolution, supports up to 32GB removable Micro SD card, can also take still images
ENKLOV HD 1080P Polarized Sunglasses with Mini Camera $60 Center mounted single camera, 1080p resolution, supports up to 16GB removable Micro SD card
OHO Sunglasses and Camera $40 Center mounted single camera, 1080p resolution, supports up to 16GB removable Micro SD card
JIAMEIYI HD720P Eyewear Video Recorder Sunglasses $53 Center mounted single camera (120°), 720p resolution, supports up to 32GB removable Micro SD card

In addition to individual preferences like fit and design, how can you decide which of these options—if any—will best meet your needs?

From a video quality perspective, CNET tells us that 1080p is typically preferable to 720p, since the former can display the greatest number of pixels (individual points of light that make up an entire image on the screen), thereby leading to a sharper picture.

However, in the real world, they point out that the difference between the two could be negligible, especially if you plan on viewing your video on anything smaller than a 50-inch screen. But as we can see from the models like XVision above (which extends to the greater marketplace as a whole), lower resolution and a lower price don’t always go hand-in-hand.

Another important factor to consider is the storage capacity supported by any spy sunglass models you're considering. Again, as we can see in our chart above, some options come with half the available Micro SD card capacity as others that clock in at a meaningfully lower price.

Depending on where you plan to use your video sunglasses most often (at home, while outdoors, playing sports, etc.), this could determine a) how long you’ll be able to record, and b) if you need to purchase a backup Micro SD card.

Speaking of time, battery life is another factor that could be of varying importance (such as whether or not you should invest in a standalone battery pack), depending on how you plan to use your sunglasses. While we know that XVision's model will take two hours to recharge fully, most competitors didn't divulge this information.

What does all of this mean regarding your future with XVision?

Our Final Thoughts About XVision Video Camera Sunglasses

Price-wise, XVision sunglasses seem to come in lower than many of their competitors, while also providing key specs like 1080p resolution, a rechargeable battery, and replaceable Micro SD card support. They’re also manufactured by a company with decades in the industry who’s released a long line of popular products, and who stands behind the device with a 30-day refund policy.

Given this, from a consumer perspective, we think the decision’s largely going to come down to your price (including whether or not you need to purchase additional Micro SD cards to meet your needs) and design preferences.

Just keep in mind that spy sunglasses like XVision are quickly becoming popular, with many models available from local retailers (especially those focused on consumer electronics), which could help you get ahold of them faster—not to mention make the return process more streamlined if you’re not satisfied with their performance.

Just keep in mind that, as anyone who’s ever recorded a cellphone video can attest, these types of cameras might deliver fairly shaky results if they don’t feature some kind of stabilization hardware or software—which will typically increase the price by quite a bit.

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