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  • Very pleased so far

    • By Kathy,
    • Massachusetts,
    • Sep 16, 2014
    Overall Experience:

    I received this yesterday and used it on facial hair after charging the unit for 2.5 hours. I found it easy to use and gentle on my skin. It removed the facial hair completely and quickly. No stubble or missed hairs. I am pleased so far with this product. I have yet to try it on my legs or underarm. It does seem to be more razor than light technology though.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Not bad! It may not remove permanently, but that's ok.

    • By Aline,
    • Florida,
    • Nov 30, 2014
    Overall Experience:

    It shaves much closer than a razor on my stubbly chin. I am satisfied.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Awesome! Totally works!

    • By Jessica,
    • Florida, USA,
    • Dec 5, 2014
    Overall Experience:

    This is a really good product. I don't know what's the matter with everyone else on the reviews here. I don't get it, maybe people were just expecting more out of it like for it to be super heavy duty. It doesn't need to be though, because it's good just like it was already made. It's not just some cheap piece of plastic either. I mean it trims off all unwanted hair every where I need it to be cut. Like my legs, arms, underarms and little facial hairs. So if anyone wants a really good shaver that does all of those things then I highly recommend this.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • I don't understand the negative reviews

    • By Andrew S,
    • Kennewick, WA,
    • Jul 9, 2015
    Overall Experience:

    Finishing Touch Yes! does what it promises: It removes the hair and does so in a painless manner. I could never use one of those rotary epilators on my chest or face, but I can use the Yes! on those areas.

  • Love my Yes!

    • By Sarah Jean,
    • Anderson, MO,
    • Dec 16, 2014
    Overall Experience:

    I love this product. It does exactly what it claims when used properly. It states in the instructions to hold it at a 45° angle. if you don't, it may leave stubble and cause razor burn.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Great Product

    • By Doris Williams,
    • Florida,
    • Dec 18, 2014
    Overall Experience:

    My 78 years old mother bought this, all I can say is WOW, when used CORRECTLY, very easy to use. Most people should be pleased.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Love it

    • By Vicky,
    • Illinios,
    • Mar 11, 2015
    Overall Experience:

    I really like the Finishing Touch Yes! It works very well for removing facial hair. I have used many different products and this is the best. It is small and easy to carry in my makeup bag. There is no pain! That's a huge plus!

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Yes hair removal

    • By Linda,
    • Newton. NJ,
    • Mar 16, 2015
    Overall Experience:

    I loved the Finishing Touch Yes hair remover. I just purchased the Yes hair removal. Painless, fast, and very effective. Thanks Fran. I was skeptical but it's everything you advertised.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • It worked for me.

    • By Barb Stranahan,
    • Fenton, MI,
    • Mar 30, 2015
    Overall Experience:

    I was skeptical of this at first but after I tried the Yes by Finishing Touch, I found it did what it advertised. It was so much easier to use and to prepare for the bathing season than waxing. The hair stayed away for quite sometime.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • It made me happy

    • By Billie,
    • Waco, Texas,
    • Apr 7, 2015
    Overall Experience:

    I have tried so many different shaving devices and never had any luck. Most caused a lot of pain or would break out the skin on my face. I am from German descent and have a problem with hair growing on my face, from the time I was 14. My mother would never let me shave my face. "You'll be sorry" is what she would say. Later I did and I was sorry because stubble grew back. The other product was so expensive. I couldn't afford to go to a professional to have it removed.

    When I got my Yes by Finishing Touch, I was so excited to try it. After it was charged, the first thing I shaved was my arm, that was 2 weeks ago, still nothing has grown back. The next was my face. I first let the hair grow out some and then went to town shaving. This is the first full week and still the hair isn't back.

    Do I love my Yes by Finishing Touch? Yes I do. I am also letting my daughters try it and buying them one for their birthdays. I tell all my friends too.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • I'm happy with mine!

    • By Rosalie,
    • Brockton, MA,
    • Apr 8, 2015
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    I am very happy with the YES. It is painless and removes my facial hair with out any problems, yes it will grow back. This is not electrolysis.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • It works, if you use it properly.

    • By Christina Payne,
    • Jul 20, 2015
    Overall Experience:

    This product works well if used properly. If you read the instructions fully and follow the steps, it does work as advertised. In the instructions it says to wait until it is fully charged. The next "bullet" says it is a two yes two step process. First is the sensa light which you hold at a 45-degree angle. During this step the Sensa light does its work on your hair and follicle while the head trims the hair. The second step is the micro foil head. In this step you hold "Yes" strait up and down and push slightly. During this step "Yes" trims what is left of the hair. It also gives a more direct Sensa light therapy to the hair follicles. They both work on all hair types. In my opinion and use, the second step is for beginning use and for the hair that is more course.

  • Love it

    • By JR,
    • Dalas TX,
    • Apr 10, 2015
    Overall Experience:

    It does actually remove hair. Love it, glad I bought it.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Yes hair removal

    • By candace,
    • Los Angeles ca,
    • Apr 18, 2015
    Overall Experience:

    My friend bought this product and I used it. I'm happy with it. It's a reasonable price and you can purchase it at Target. I will be purchasing it now too.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Works for me!

    • By M. Davis,
    • Gastonia, NC,
    • Apr 21, 2015
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    I am 30 and have been fighting a beard for about 15 years. I tried this with the second tip that comes in the box. My face is smooth and so much better than shaving like a man. No bumps. No redness. Not embarrassed by using this! I love it! Nobody can tell me different.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • it works

    • By Marci,
    • Nashville,
    • Apr 23, 2015
    Overall Experience:

    I love this thing. My legs are so smooth, smoother than they have ever been. Mini shaver or not, it was worth what I paid for it. You have to use it after you shave.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Worth It.

    • By Denise DeRose,
    • Tucson, AZ,
    • Jul 31, 2015
    Overall Experience:

    I bought two of these, one for me and one for my sister. I was ready to return them immediately after buying thinking I made a mistake after reading reviews. I thought I would give it a try since had it. I've been using it for a few weeks now. I am 60 years old and have a lot of blond hair on my face. It has been horrible. I've been having to shave my face every two days. After using the Yes! By Finishing Touch, I knew it would be time to shave again but when I looked, the hair was not showing yet to shave.

    At first I used the regular head that came with it and I could still see stumbles so I tried the other head that comes with it and that is now the one I prefer because it made it to where you can not see the hair at all. I would recommend this to anyone that has a lot of face hair. I think I can now go about a week before I shave and it seems to be finer.

  • Love this product.

    • By Tori,
    • Sheboygan, WI,
    • Jul 21, 2015
    Overall Experience:

    I have had a facial hair issue for years. First, I tried the NoNo Pro. That product burned my skin and did not get rid of all of the hair. It left me with short stubble. The yes worked. It gets all the way down to the skin with no cuts, bumps or stubble. I love this product.

  • Best thing I tried

    • By Rebecca Palmer,
    • Lancaster, PA,
    • May 23, 2015
    Overall Experience:

    This invention is the best thing I have tried that actually works. I just bought it today and tried it after the charging period, and it took the hair right off my legs and chin like it was never there. Thank you YES for the great experience.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • The Yes ! Product is great !

    • By Marilyn Carney,
    • Huntsville, AL,
    • Jun 1, 2015
    Overall Experience:

    I have had my Yes! Hair Remover or about three months and I love it. It removes the hair easily and leaves my skin smooth. Hair returns slowly. The Yes! stays charged for a really long time and seems well made. I love it!

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Greatest product

    • By Amy R Hall,
    • Denton, Texas,
    • Jun 4, 2015
    Overall Experience:

    This is a great product. I highly recommend it. You can use on every part of your body. It works best on legs and bikini area. The hair does grow back but I have only used it twice, so prolonged use may prove differently. The hair isn't as thick and comes right off. Facial hair requires daily use but it probably depends upon the individual. I do agree that it is a razor. But this product is worth the money.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Works great for me

    • By Sarina Gardner,
    • DFW Metroplex, TX,
    • Jul 6, 2015
    Overall Experience:

    I have a terrible hormonal problem which causes facial and neck hair. With regular shaving, I get razor burn and have to shave 4 times a day at least. I use Vaniqa which only lessens the thickness of the hair. I thought I would try this and I am glad I did. I get no razor burn, it takes about 2 minutes twice a day and it leaves my skin soft and smooth. I do find it odd that their web page says the head lasts a year and this page says 90 days. I have been using it for over 90 days and it still works just as well as the day I got it. I have tried it on my legs and it works just as well there, with no nicks or cuts. It DOES NOT make the hair go away. It is basically a very gentle and well designed razor. The sensa-light is nothing miraculous, it works by letting the razor know when it touching the skin so it turns on and after it does not sense the skin anymore, it will turn off. For the price, it works great and does what they say it does. I would love to have a product that removed the hair forever but they are just too pricey for me at $300.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Smooth operation

    Overall Experience:

    I like it. I shaved my arms, sides of my face, legs & mustache. It's easy, mostly painless & has taken 4 months for repeat on the mustache. I just did the rest. I bought to extra heads in case I need them in the future. Two thumbs up!

  • My legs have never looked better.

    • By Belen,
    • Los Angeles, CA ,
    • Jul 20, 2015
    Overall Experience:

    After trying several other products, this is hands down the absolute BEST hair remover. Pain free and easy to use.

  • Works well, I would recommend it so far.

    • By Michael,
    • Anchorage, AK,
    • Aug 3, 2015
    Overall Experience:

    Yes! works better than creams, wet and self-lubricating blades, and other dry-electric shavers. Must use it regularly, (like once a week). Leaves chest, legs, pubic, and other body-hair areas smooth as marketed. I am a man and will also use it sometimes to touch-up face, but usually just use it on unwanted body-hair.

    Was again really impressed by the way it makes my legs and other body parts (like chest, arms and shoulders), smooth. The skin seems to have a nice sheen and feels smooth, like a finishing touch.

    Bought it at Walmart (hate to say), for a little less than $40 a year ago. So far it works well, and has lasted this time. So far would recommend it.

  • Works great

    • By Michelle Myers,
    • Goodlettsville, TN,
    • Aug 5, 2015
    Overall Experience:

    The Yes really did remove my hair. My legs & arms are smooth.

  • Yes! I really like it.

    • By Anonymous,
    • Aug 16, 2015
    Overall Experience:

    When I turned on the product, I was terrified that it was an electric shaver. It is not a buzzer, but it sounds like one. I've never shaved before. Most of my hair is blonde with a few dark strays. Waxing, Nair, and that Smooth Away (practically a skin sander/buffer thing) all broke me out. I tried this product and was so excited after using it the first time. Not only does it remove the hair, but it made my skin so soft and smooth. You do need to apply a little pressure as you make skin contact. If your hair is long and dark, you have to use the longer setting head before the close smooth setting head. I've been using this product for a couple months, and the hair seems to be growing in slower and lighter. I use this product mostly for my face. I would recommend this to all my fury friends! :)

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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