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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: May 11, 2017

Brought to you by Beachbody and hosted by fitness expert Leandro Carvalho, YOUv2 Beginner Workout is a complete four-week fitness and nutrition program that promises to address the whole you—body and mind—in the comfort of your own home.

In total, the YOUv2 program involves six low-impact, easy-to-follow workouts that last 30 minutes each; four with super-simple cardio-dance routines and two that are focused on body sculpting.

The website tells us that each workout features different music and a different vibe (although all are based around classic party songs from the ’80s and ’90s), with simple moves and ladies of all shapes and sizes.

Depending on your needs, you’ll be able to enjoy YOUv2 on any DVD player, or streaming on any device—including your TV—through Beachbody on Demand. If you choose the latter, you’ll also gain access to their exclusive YOUv2 Kid’s channel, which can help your children get involved as well.

Either way, the program comes with everything you need (no additional equipment is required), including:

  • The KISS (Keep It Super Simple) and JUST EAT! Meal Guide, which is all about making small, simple changes over the course of four easy steps to help create new healthy habits. You’ll also find healthy, easy-to-make recipes.
  • The Motivational Wall Art Calendar helps you stick to the plan while delivering “inspiring quotes and positive reinforcement” from Leandro.
  • The Oh Hello YOUv2 Journal helps you identify your goals, track your progress, and write down your habits and feelings.

If you’re just getting started on your fitness journey, or are thinking about getting back into it after a long hiatus, there certainly seem like a lot of potential benefits for the YOUv2 Beginner Workout.

But will it really help you “upgrade to the new version of you”? Are there other programs that might meet your needs just as well? What about pros and cons?

We’re here to help you make an empowered decision, starting with YOUv2’s different workouts.

Which Workouts Does the YOUv2 Program Offer?

According to the website, here’s a brief description for each of the program’s videos:

  1. Move Your Body – Exercise to Jennifer Lopez’s “Let’s Get Loud” while performing a variety of easy, fun dance moves.
  2. Work It. Shake It! – A disco-themed routine set to Donna Summer’s “She Works Hard For The Money.”
  3. Rock It Out! – Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.”
  4. Sweat Sensation – Features “Good Vibrations” from Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.
  5. Sculpt Shack – A total body cardio sculpting workout set to The B-52’s “Love Shack.”
  6. Believe, Achieve, & Tone – A mat-based routine set to Cher’s “Believe.”

Pro tip: If you’re looking for some more insight into the mood and tone of a YOUv2 workout prior to release, check out this sneak peek workout posted on the program’s Facebook page.

What's this about a release date? And what will you pay for these workouts and supplementary materials?

How Much Does the YOUv2 Beginner Workout Cost?

The YOUv2 Beginner Workout isn’t set to release until May 16th, after which you’ll be able to purchase the program in two different formats:

  • All six workouts on two DVDs, including all program materials, for $39.90 plus S&H.
  • Alternately, you can sign up for a Beachbody On Demand membership, which will cost you $99.95 or $160 per year, depending on the package you choose. This will provide access to YOUv2, as well as premium access to all of the company’s newest programs. Renews automatically.

The majority of Beachbody’s programs come with 30-90-day refund policies, less S&H. We’ll have to wait until YOUv2’s official release to know exact details, which we’ll update shortly thereafter.

In the meantime, customer support can be reached at (800) 470-7870.

How does this price compare to the competition?

YOUv2 vs. Other Beginner Workouts

Type the phrase "beginner workout videos" into your favorite search engine, and you'll quickly learn that there are thousands of different options competing with YOUv2.

This includes popular sites like DailyBurn and Fitness Blender, which focus on a variety of styles and workout types, along with thousands of free videos on sites like YouTube that can match just about any preference, fitness level, or budget. Given all these choices, how can you decide which option is best for you?

In WebMD’s Beginner Exercise Video Guide, they recommend searching online instead of the big box store so that you can browse the largest selection possible, and by level. There are even dedicated sites—including HighYa—where you can read detailed descriptions and learn about others’ experiences to help you make a more informed decision.

Once you’ve narrowed down your selections, make sure the fitness instructor has solid credentials to maximize your results and avoid potential injuries. Further, make sure the program features short video segments, so you don’t have to commit to a long routine right out of the gate, as well as instructional segments to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

Finally, you’ll want to choose something that works with your personality to help keep you motivated. Do you enjoy upbeat, bubbly instructors, or ones who bark instructions like drill sergeants? You’ll want to choose someone that you connect with on some level and respond positively to in order to maintain a high level of desire.

What Do We Know About Leandro Carvalho & Beachbody?

Leandro Carvalho is a Brazilian native based in NYC who started out as a dancer in some prestigious companies. In Brazil, he created a fitness program for Petrobras employees, before moving to the states and obtaining his AFFA, AEA, ACE, and Pilates personal training certifications.

According to the bio on his website, Leandro’s fitness philosophy is “to share his vast knowledge to help everyone and especially those that conventional fitness programs leave behind,” which is perhaps what suits him so well to the YOUv2 Beginner Workout.

In addition to YOUv2, Leandro also hosted the popular Brazil Butt Lift series from Beachbody, is one of the leading experts in aquatic training (Brazilian Body Surf), and continues to create signature classes like ‘Brazilian Groove,' train Victoria Secret Models, and operate his Leandro Fitness studio in New York.

From a company perspective, Beachbody is based out of Santa Monica, CA and has been in business for nearly two decades. In that time, they’ve released dozens of popular hits including 21 Day Fix, P90X, Insanity Max: 30, and ChaLEAN.

Here on HighYa, Beachbody’s programs seemed to come with mostly positive customer feedback, with common compliments referencing effective results (improved fitness, weight loss, etc.), entertaining instruction, and ease of use.

In fact, the vast majority of complaints here seemed more related to billing issues (numerous up-sells when checking out, unauthorized recurring charges) than to the programs themselves.

Obviously, our intent is only to provide you with a clearer overall picture of the situation—not to indicate you’ll experience any of the same with YOUv2.

What Are Our Final Thoughts About the YOUv2 Beginner Workout?

Ultimately, losing weight and achieving your fitness goals is about creating a balance between exercise, or how much you work out, and nutrition, or the foods you put in your body. In other words, you'll need to consistently burn more calories than you consume.

From this perspective, it seems positive that YOUv2 includes both exercise and nutrition components. It’s also positive that it’s geared toward beginners, designed to be positive and upbeat (instead of intimidating), is low impact (easy on your body), and comes from a long-time company in the industry with mostly positive customer feedback for their dozens of other programs.

And in the end, if you’re not satisfied, you can return it for a full refund (although we’ll have to wait until it’s released to know exactly how long you’ll have).

With this said, there are other key factors involved that only you can decide. For example:

  • Can you continue working out, day after day, in front of your TV or computer? Or, do you need the stimulation of a public place, like a gym or studio class?
  • Since YOUv2 only contains six videos, will you get tired of repeatedly watching them? Or, do you require something new every day?
  • Do you have the necessary willpower to stick with the nutrition plan? Or, should you enlist the help of a nutritional professional?

Finally, if you’re considering the Beachbody on Demand option, do you have the appropriate equipment (such as a streaming media player like a Roku or Apple TV) to transmit the videos to your television set? If not, this could increase your overall budget by quite a bit.

In the meantime, be sure to bookmark this page, and we'll provide some updates upon the program's release on May 16th.

Before you go, tell us what you decided (and your overall experience) with YOUv2 Beginner Workout in your review below!

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  • Me, sexy, at 5:30 am?

    I had a pulled quad, so I stopped running. When I decided to return, I wanted to get back into shape with a Level 1 Beachbody workout. I tried a YOUv2 workout with Leandro, and it was exactly what I needed. He, in his beautiful Brazil accent, tells me he loves me and how sexy I look, and how thankful he is that I let him into my living room to dance with me, ALL THIS IS AT 5:30 AM! I smile as much as the women who are in his videos. I love when he asks, "How you doing?" (Reminds me of Joey on friends). I try not to wake up my wife when I reply, "Leandro, how YOU doin'?" After a couple months of YOUv2, I alternate workouts between Chalene (PiYo) and Leandro (YOUv2).

    Yes, YOUv2 is Level 1, but if I give 100%, flexing (like Leandro gives 100%), I get a wonderful workout. Scam? I think not. Best to you Leandro, and the people who exercise to your YOUv2.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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  • 2 out 2 people found this review helpful

    Leandro is motivating

    I just started the program, and I really like it. The log is helpful, and his moves are new to me. Leandro makes it fun to exercise vs. dreading it. I also like that you break a sweat in only 30 minutes.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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