About Zip-A-Bag

Zip-A-Bag goes from being a long zipper to a shoulder bag in just a few zips. They claim it’s a fun and unique accessory that all your friends will want.

Zip-A-Bag does not list who manufactures or sells their product. Their website is created by Digital Target Marketing, a company inventors hire to push their products on TV and online.

How Zip-A-Bag Works

Zip-A-Bag appears to be a long (black or pink) zipper strip. However, when you zip it together, it transforms into a shoulder bag. They boast it is stylish, strong, durable, and will hold all your essential accessories. When it’s not in use, they suggest you can unzip it and keep the lengths in a drawer or the closet.

Zip-A-Bag includes:

  • Zip-A-Bag (Pink or Black)
  • Extra bag “free” (additional S & H)

Zip-A-Bag Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

They state Zip-A-Bag is $14.95 plus $7.95 S & H, but the “free” bag (of the same color) automatically costs you an additional $7.95 in handling for a total of $30.85 for 2 bags. This makes the total handling fees, which are non-refundable, $1 more than the bag itself. This is a common ploy of many ASOTV products and something we frown upon. That means, even if you return your Zip-A-Bags within the 30-day money back period, you will lose your $15.95, plus what it costs to send it back.


  • Looks like fun
  • Great party trick
  • Unique


  • Expensive shipping fees (see note above)
  • Does it really save space unzipped?

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