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Published on: May 31, 2017

Despite its portable design and handheld size, Zip Trim promises to provide all the RPM power of a traditional trimmer, without the weight, expense, mess, or fuss related to gas or electric trimmers.

The product’s website indicates you only have to attach any standard zip ties (which can be cut down for more precision work), turn it on, and the device will powerfully clip weeds and help you do all your cleanup work in seconds.

It also comes with a lightweight extension pole for hard-to-reach places, as well as protective debris shield for extra safety.

While gas and electric trimmers often do the job, there’s no doubt they can be inconvenient with filling up tanks, plugging in cords, walking back and forth to your storage area, and so forth. But will Zip Trim alleviate these problems, or just create other unforeseen ones?

Zip Trim vs. Traditional Gas & Electric String Trimmers

Although both options feature spinning heads, replaceable plastic strings, and portable motors, the functional differences between Zip Trim and standard options couldn’t be more drastic. Let’s take a quick look:

Gas Trimmers – Like most gas powered options, gas trimmers measure the size of their engines in cubic centimeters (cc) and typically deliver the most power. As a result, they’re often the first choice if you’re looking to clear dense, thick weeds.

However, they also require messy maintenance (oil, gas, etc.), are loud, and aren’t exactly environmentally friendly.

Electric Trimmers – Typically measured in volts, electric trimmers often aren’t as powerful as their gas-engined brethren, although they’re almost always quieter and more environmentally friendly.

Unless they have a built-in rechargeable battery, though, you’ll be tied to a cord, which can be cumbersome and not always easy to use.

Zip Trim – Although we didn't test it directly, since it's powered only by a replaceable battery, Zip Trim is sure to be the least powerful option compared to traditional gas and electric models.

Sure, it might spin at a similar RPM (as claimed on the device’s website), but when comparing all your trimmer options, torque (the force at which something spins) is generally more important that how fast it spins. In real-world terms, the less power a trimmer has, the easier it can be stopped by plant matter.

Outside of power, the other big difference between Zip Trim and traditional models is that the latter use “bump heads,” which feed a pre-measured length of line every time they’re tapped on the ground. On the other hand, the former uses replaceable zip ties.

Again, we didn't test it ourselves, and we certainly recognize that bump heads are less-than-ideal in some circumstances, but we have to wonder: Will manually replacing zip ties be any easier?

After all, it seems like you’d need a pair of pliers or a razor blade to remove the loop where it connects to Zip Trim, meaning you’ll need to carry these tools around with you while you use the device, or take frequent trips to your tool shed—one of the things it promises to alleviate in the first place.

What will you pay for this claimed ease of use?

How Much Does Zip Trim Cost?

While gas and electric trimmers can cost hundreds of dollars, two trimmers are priced at $19.99 plus $15.98 S&H. Each set includes:

  • Lightweight extension pole
  • Protective debris shield
  • 24 zip ties

All Zip Trims come with a 30-day money back guarantee, less S&H. Keep in mind this means you’ll lose your initial $15.98 charge, plus whatever it will cost to ship your devices back to the manufacturer.

Ultimately, depending on where you live in relation to New Jersey, it’s not difficult to see that you could end up losing more money than you get back as a refund if you’re dissatisfied.

Pro tip: Also, keep in mind that you’ll need to purchase replace zip ties once you run out. Which, inch-for-inch, is typically more expensive than traditional plastic trimmer line.

Nonetheless, customer support can be reached at 866-533-1178.

How does this price compare? Does the device have any competition?

Are There Other Products Like Zip Trim?

While we found dozens of grass shears (basically, combining a hedge trimmer and a grass trimmer) during our research, we didn’t encounter anything designed like Zip Trim. So, if you’re looking for something exactly like it, it appeared to be the only game in town.

However, we did find plenty of DIY options (here’s but one example) about how to replace the traditional plastic string with zip ties on your existing gas or electric trimmer.

Using this same idea, after finding his original version didn’t work very well, YouTube user MrBulletpoints made a second attempt with thicker zip ties and found that this option actually worked fairly well:


But might you reasonably expect to experience any of the same with Zip Trim? Let’s continue this thought in the next section as we come to a conclusion.

What’s the Bottom Line About Zip Trim?

Again, if you’re looking for something exactly like Zip Trim, it appears you’re limited to a single option, which we could imagine might work well for quickly cleaning up small areas.

But, at least based on what we learned from the device’s commercial, with its small motor powered by a replaceable battery, thin zip ties, and small radius, we think it might not be ideal—small job or not—if you need to cut through dense growth or frequently brush up against hard objects (like wood or brick).

It also doesn’t appear to come with a throttle to control speed, so it seems to either be on or off. And without this control, based on our experience with traditional options, it seems reasonable that you might find yourself replacing its thin zip ties frequently—which could entail more of a hassle than traditional bump feeders.

Ultimately, if Zip Trim doesn’t live up to your expectations, though, the manufacturer seems to stand behind it with a 30-day refund policy. However, it’s important to reinforce that this isn’t a risk-free proposition, since the BOGO offer means you could lose more in S&H charges than you get back as a refund.

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