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  • Changed my life

    • By Sherry,
    • Plainfield, IL,
    • Jun 8, 2015
    Overall Experience:

    I have lived with chronic intolerable hip pain for 5 years. After 5 specialists, expensive MRIs and injections, I had received no answers and no relief. I saw the Tommie Copper infomercials many times but just didn't believe it could help.

    Finally this last Christmas, My daughter who is a Bio-Chemistry major rattled off all of the reasons that copper should help so I ordered it. The very first night i wore it I slept through the night. The next day i realized that the chronic pain was gone. I still hurt when i walk too much but, the all-day every day pain is absolutely gone.

    Do yourself a huge favor and try this stuff. I am a walking testament to the ability of copper compression wear. It has changed my life.

  • Doesn't do anything

    • By Judith Maslinski,
    • Lombard, Illinois,
    • Nov 11, 2014
    Overall Experience:

    My husband ordered this for my ankle to help with unsteadiness. I am not a large person so he ordered Medium. It arrived and I wore it for one hour. The rubber at the top felt like a tourniquet. It not only did not work, it was annoying as heck. I sent it back and tried to order a larger one and was informed since they did not have a receipt I could not return or exchange. What happened to the 60 day warranty? This product does nothing but empty your wallet. Do not waste your money.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Don't waste your money

    • By Jerry D. Martin,
    • Florida,
    • Jan 14, 2014
    Overall Experience:

    I purchased several products and to be honest none of them worked. I was really hoping for something that was going to help and all I got was a headache.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Incompetent Shipping System

    • By CT,
    • Powder Springs, GA.,
    • Jun 11, 2015
    Overall Experience:

    I had previously enjoyed the benefits of Tommie Copper products. So I ordered additional compression products on 1/3/14 which were claimed to have shipped on 1/6/14 with a tracking number provided. UPS or USPS responded that they had never received a parcel. Walked customer service through the adventure and they agreed that the products were never shipped and now one item is out of stock until May. They have no means or concern to have a system that would recognize delivery or alert you or themselves to a problem in delivery.

    Recommend trying to purchase from other than

    They have a great product, but unfortunately have not developed a consistent way to get it too you. So disappointed in Tommie Copper.

  • Don't take the wrong pill

    • By Dave,
    • Florida,
    • Aug 8, 2015
    Overall Experience:

    The copper, I have this knee brace, darn shame I threw away the packaging or I would have sent it back. The brace part works and believe it or not any cheap knee brace at your local Walmart or CVS or Walgreens will work just as good for a lot less money. As far as the copper, if people actually think it works, get two pre 1982 which contain 95% pure copper and use a little Velcro and attach those pennies your knee, arm, head or where ever you like as its a lot cheaper than the "Copper Product being advertised on TV. I would read the harmful effects of copper before I would believe in this back yard science.

    Additional Resource for Copper

  • Worked For Me

    • By Nehemiah,
    • Houston TX,
    • Jun 8, 2015
    Overall Experience:

    First, my wife is a Cardiologist, my son an Orthopedist and my neighbor a Neurologist. All three agree there is no science they are aware of anything that indicates the Tommie Copper products should provide any pain relief whatsoever. They agree that compression under certain circumstances can aid in a variety of medical conditions but the Tommie Copper products do not provide compression adequate to impact those conditions at all.

    All of that said, I suffered a significant back/leg injury 2 years ago. I fell through a ceiling 19 feet to a concrete floor. Through a variety of physical therapies, medications, and Chiropractic adjustments I am almost pain free and back to pre-injury flexibility. Occasionally my right knee gets stiff and hurts quite a bit. I have a significant pain in my lower back occasionally when I turn or bend the wrong way. It is a blinding pain that brings me to my knees instantly and stays with me for several days.

    I have tried a lot of different devices and things to help with these two problems. Nothing made any difference before I tried the Tommie Copper knee compression sleeves and their compression shorts. Almost instantly the pain in my knee disappeared. I had a lower back episode and after about 10 minutes of wearing the shorts, the pain was almost completely gone. Let me remind you that when I moved around, my back pain did pop up but not nearly as intense as before. After 1 day all the back pain was gone. Before, it normally took 4 or 5 days for the pain to completely disappear.

    I cannot tell you how the TC products helped me. They produce almost no compression. They are very thin and are not nearly as compressive as regular spandex. Like I said up front, the three most qualified people I know tell me there is no science to explain how the Tommie Copper products appear to work for me.

    My only recommendation for the TC products is this: The TC products have resolved my knee pain completely and reduced the intensity and duration of my back pain. I have no belief in "magic" nor in psychosomatic healing. I have no idea how the TC products help me but they do.

    If other therapies and devices do not work why not try a TC product? If it doesn't work for you send it back. They have a 60 day unrestricted return policy. How can you lose?

  • CC needs improvement

    • By Shin Megumi,
    • USA,
    • Apr 5, 2014
    Overall Experience:

    I bought one last month and still haven't got my order .. CC doesn't know what to do, and kept saying to wait for it because it was already mailed 3 weeks ago.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Medical Problems from Tommie Copper are WORSE

    • By Gerry S,
    • Lake City, MI,
    • Jun 10, 2015
    Overall Experience:

    As another person stated, if she could give a ZERO, or below for a rating she would, as would I, but we don't have that choice. My reaction is described on the very last portion of these comments on this website, under "Extremely disappointed with the product and reaction from Tom Kallish, owner of Tommie Copper" and "Tommie Copper Allergic Reaction - Follow Up Review" and also the Review Titled "BAD Reactions" which sounds just like my reaction.

    Several other people have had the same reaction as I have had with the oozing sores, swollen extremities, itching and INCREASED PAIN. My reaction happened in January 2013 after wearing the clothing in December 2012. I was walking every morning BEFORE I wore the Tommie Copper clothing, but now I can hardly walk around my own home. September 2013, I was diagnosed with Sensory, Axonal Polyneuropathy, Toxic Metabolic Etiology and Peripheral Neuropathy and live in HORRENDOUS PAIN daily. My skin feels like it is wrapped in plastic on my feet and legs and they feel abnormal, like they are not part of my body. When I stand, I have to get my bearings before I can start to walk and people ask what is wrong with me. I tell them a REACTION to Tommie Copper clothing. I NEVER experienced this kind of pain in my legs that is CONSTANT. I can no longer stand for very long lengths of time, cannot walk very far, if I do, I become faint and have to lie down.

    I miss my sports activities, miss my family gatherings, MISS my life from the extreme pain in my legs that developed after wearing Tommie Copper clothing. I PRAY every day that this pain in my legs could be transferred to Thomas Kallish. Thomas Kallish professes to be interested in peoples health, but he is NOT, only in his FINANCIAL GAIN. If he was interested in a person's health, he would have paid for me to be treated for the toxic metabolic reaction I had to the elevated levels of copper in my body and the elevated lead from the clothing. Detoxing from Heavy Metals is NOT covered by insurance, but Thomas Kallish refused to pay for the Detoxing from his clothing that destroyed my legs. If anyone would like to see pictures of my reaction to the clothing, they can contact me at:

  • Unreliable and dishonest company

    • By Ann,
    • New York,
    • Aug 14, 2015
    Overall Experience:

    I had very bad experience when I purchased several products from Tommie Copper.

    1. The sales person made a mistake in the invoice and overcharged. Had I not picked it up, they would have profited.
    2. I returned most things except one item but they claimed that I had not returned five items. I lost because they won't refund me the full amount. I kept one item but paid for five instead.
    3. Once you send items, there is no proof what they claim was received back in the warehouse.'
    4. The discount they offer on their sleeves was not prorated as I returned one of them.

    All in all, I lost out because of their dishonesty. They can not be trusted. This sort of a thing would not happen, if it was a major store like Macy's.

    How do I prove what I had returned? Watch out!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Back wrap

    • By Dianne Markley,
    • Greenview, Illinois,
    • Feb 1, 2016
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    I have been using the back wrap for about a year now. I have had significant back pain for multiple reasons, for at least 25 years. I have bulging discs, pinched nerves, bone spurs, DDD, and arthritis. I also have severe muscle spasms in my back and neck. Being in the health care field for 32 years, my back has taken a beating. I now work a desk job because of the pain, which can also be tough in the back. My pain gets worse as the day goes on. I started out using the copper wrap just when the pain was starting to worsen through the day. It helped tremendously and I was shocked. It has taken me a year to figure out that I should wear it all day to try to avoid the pain. I apply it when I get to work and will move it up and down my back as the day progresses.

    It has been a God send and for whatever reason it works, I am thankful. I have worked in my nurse friends to try it out, so they can have the same relief. I actually have two of them now so I can wear them on more of my painful areas at once. I would recommend them to anyone with ongoing pain or even occasional aces and pains.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Marketing scam.

    • By Bradford Scales,
    • Newburgh, IN,
    • Aug 5, 2015
    Overall Experience:

    A gimmick. Read all reviews folks. You receive this item and surprise, surprise it carries a label warning that the silicone strip inside the top band may cause irritation and a reaction on your skin. It does. Where the heck should I wear this? Over my jeans? I know, I'll wear long underwear all of the time, that's the ticket.

    Also, and the most glaring feature is that this product doesn't impart any substantial compression factor to your joint. The free compression stockings they cut off of a roll at my Physical Therapy Clinic is three times as tight.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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