At HighYa, we firmly believe that internet-based companies owe it to their customers to be as transparent as possible. With this in mind, we hold ourselves to this same standard of transparency that we expect from everyone else.

When creating a large forum where consumers can freely voice their opinions and share their firsthand experiences, there are a number of associated costs that must be factored into the equation, just as there would be with any other venture. To help us cover some of the costs, we have included advertisement units provided by Google AdSense. Additionally, we have a small number of affiliate relationships which we'll cover right below.

The only products where HighYa earns a commission through affiliate sales is the Bowflex Max TrainerCasper Mattress, Casper Wave Mattress, and Casper Pillow. The affiliate links and offers are located solely on the actual product review page belonging to the product. Certain staff members have used products of Bowflex and Casper Mattress over the years and have trusted these brands enough to put affiliate links on HighYa. In addition, based on the compilation of our online research of the product, we feel that relevant consumers would benefit from these products. As such, that is why we don't have a problem inserting affiliate links where we will earn 7% commission PER sale via the CJ Affiliate by Conversant affiliate platform for Bowflex, a 5% commission per sale for Casper Mattress via Impact Radius, Inc.

Of the thousands of products and services listed at HighYa, Currently, Bowflex Max Trainer, and Casper Mattress (and its pillow), are the only products where we may earn a commission through affiliate sales. Should we add new commission links or remove any in the future, we will update this page to remain transparent.

Affiliate links to the products references above have never been nor are currently promoted anywhere throughout the site and are strictly located at the associated product page URL. In other words, it's important to note that Bowflex MAX Trainer, and Casper Mattress (and pillows) have never been nor are currently promoted, endorsed, nor recommended anywhere throughout HighYa over competitors or other similar products. Opinions of Bowflex Max Trainer and Casper and their Affiliate links exist solely their own product review pages.

Pages where affiliate links are currently located:


With that said, the companies disclosed here with whom we have affiliate relationships have the same exact access to free business account tools and level of support (nothing more and nothing less). Whether our affiliate or not, any company listed on our site may ask their customers to share their feedback on HighYa, and each of those reviews from such efforts will still be subject to the same vetting and manual assessment process as anyone else. All consumer reviews, regardless if left by consumers without or without the business' invitation go through the same vetting process. Just like any review coming for any company, they will only be published live if they comply with HighYa's review guidelines.

Next, Quip pays a monthly fee to HighYa to lease ad space only on its profile listing URL located at Advertisements displayed on that page are provided by Quip. Should a reader click on a Quip advertisement and make a purchase on Quip's website, HighYa DOES NOT earn any commission. Advertisements provided by Quip are not displayed anywhere else on the website other than merely on Quip's URL. The paid advertisement relationship between Quip and HighYa does not affect HighYa's review and editorial policies.

In addition to affiliate earnings located at for our exclusive observation and review of Bowflex Max Trainer and Casper Mattresses (and its pillow, along with paid advertisement with quip, which only make up a tiny portion of our revenue, you will notice Advertisements (banners and texts, outside of any affiliate relationship between HIghYa and the company) throughout the website which will either be based on your personal browsing history or will be contextual to a particular page, located on the pages outside the URLs disclosed above (which contain affiliate links). The advertisement algorithm is controlled and provided by Google AdSense Program. As such, we do not have any control on what ads may or may not appear during your visit on (To learn more about Google AdSense or to manage your ads settings, click here.) 

With all that said, please note that any advertisement you see on any URL during your visit at, are not paid slots by third parties with whom HighYa has a relationship with. They are solely Google AdSense adverts. To reiterate, HighYa has no control over what ads appear visible to the visitor, that's solely controlled by Google's undisclosed proprietary algorithms intended to display relevant ads for the user.

Should a website visitor voluntarily click on any of the ads, HighYa earns an amount equivalent to what Google calculates based on their undisclosed algorithms per click, outside of any affiliate relationship earnings. HighYa does not know in advance of the amount earned per click.

It should also be noted that we have not accepted any free products or services or any kind of compensation from any of the companies featured on this website in exchange for favorable reviews, or to take down reviews. In addition, HighYa has never been nor is currently favorable in terms of customer reviews to even the products listed where we have an affiliate relationship with. Absolutely all products and services listed on HighYa get the same unbiased treatment and conduct pertaining to customer reviews.

If we have personally used and tested a product, it will be disclosed on the product/service page and it will be fair and honest based on the opinion and observation of the staff member that has tested the product/service. Nobody gets special treatment.

HighYa currently has no (and never had) financial relationships with any of the companies/services listed on HighYa. HighYa provides technical support to companies that inquire regarding how to deal with reviews and modifying existing articles that belong to their companies on HighYa. This support is completely free and always has been. Learn more here: HighYa for Business. To reaffirm, if any new affiliate and/or material relationships are added or removed, we will update this page accordingly for transparency purposes. 

HighYa staff does not rate or rank any products, services or companies listed on HighYa in any way. Any star rating you see on any listing on HighYa is comprised only of user-generated ratings & reviews. If a listing only contains an article written by HighYa staff but no user reviews submitted, it will not display any star rating. HighYa does provide technical functionality for visitors to be able to sort products, services and companies using the following criteria: Most Reviews, Alphabetically, Highest Rated, and Lowest Rated. However, excluding alphabetical, that criteria is based on the number of reviews submitted by users who claimed to have used the product or service.

At HighYa, we always maintain an open line of communication with our readers and website visitors. If you are a company listed on HighYa and/or a law firm representing one of them and have questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.