Our mission is to simplify your life by helping you find products and services that are best for you.

We live in exciting times when technological and scientific advancements are solving problems that, even a few decades ago, seemed impossible. Thousands of companies are making it easier to care for our families, be healthier, and live more financially stable lives.

The downside of having so many options is that choosing the right product could be confusing and even stressful. Complicating the matter, even more, are countless ads, all promising that their products are the absolute best.

When faced with a buying decision, consumers are often left to themselves to research products and services, turning to review websites for advice and insight.

However, as many of us found out the hard way, not all review websites have your best interest in mind, and many are not helpful enough.

In 2013, we started Highya with the hope of fixing some of the problems that we saw were prevalent on many review websites. 

The idea behind HighYa was simple: Combine expert insight of unbiased editorial reviews with the first-hand experience of genuine customer reviews.

Over the years, we improved our methods and our platform, while staying true to our mission of helping our readers navigate the complex world of consumer products and services.

How We Work

We believe that review websites should be independent, unbiased, and built on the utmost integrity. Our daily focus is our readers, and our primary motivation is the best interest of our users.

With this as the foundation, we believe our work should be:


We strive to hire qualified individuals who are passionate about the work that they do and who want to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives, not merely collect a paycheck. Our team members are focused more on what they can give rather than what they can receive, by taking great care to produce work that genuinely helps people.


Consumers rely on reviews to make informed buying decisions. However, often the relationship between companies and review websites can be complicated. That’s why our editorial department is entirely independent of our business department. We make money by leasing ad space via Google’s advertising network, AdSense. For a handful of products, we may earn a commission when our readers buy through the links on our website. We mark all ads with an ‘Advertisement’ label and prominently display any affiliate relationship with brands.


We are more than a review website. We aim to provide information that guides consumers in finding the right product and getting the most out of it. We research diligently and interview qualified experts to give you the most relevant and reliable information. Here’s the detailed overview of our Editorial Guidelines.


As a company, we are always learning and growing. We strive to get a better understanding of relevant consumer topics and widen our perception of the marketplace. We are very critical of our work, which helps us to refine and improve so that we can serve you best.

Who We Are

If we can summarize what unites our team is that we care about our work. We treat people right. We want to do the right thing and do good in the world. We invite you to get to know our team:

Executive Team

  • Vlad Rappoport Vlad Rappoport CEO & Partner
  • Dmitry Ozik Dmitry Ozik Chief Revenue Office & Partner
  • Max Yurtsan Max Yurtsan Chief Strategy Officer & Partner

Editorial Team

Review Compliance and Customer Care Team

  • Tatyana Rappoport Tatyana Rappoport Review Compliance Director
  • Chloe Chloe VP of Happiness

Get in Touch with Us

If you have a general question for us or need help using our website, drop us a line using this form, and we’ll get back to you within a day.

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