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    • Jan 21, 2019
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    Voya Financial

    Unethical company

    I have been dealing with Voya for months now. In October I have sent my request to withdraw my 401k after being laid off. The request was approved. I got my paperwork motorized and sent to my old employer and Voya. After it was approved, I received confirmation that it was being distributed to me. After I haven’t received any distribution for a few days, I reach back out Voya and they said that I canceled my request even though the confirmation email says that I cannot cancel my request and I know I did not. I told them that I did not cancel my request, so they asked me to redo all the paperwork. I had to go get the paperwork notarized again and mail it back.

    After I didn’t hear anything from Voya I reached out to them and asked about my distribution. They said they never received the mailed paperwork and for me to redo everything. So I redid my paperwork and re-mailed them the paperwork and emailed that paperwork to them and they still said they did not receive it, so then I faxed my paperwork to them.

    After I faxed my paperwork to them and haven’t heard from them, they said they never received the faxed paperwork since I put a lot of time in re-doing the paperwork a lot of money and getting it faxed, mailed and notarized I threatened to involve my lawyer. A few minutes after, they changed their mind and said that they actually did receive the paperwork because I have proof that they received the paperwork from my fax. After that, it was approved since I filled out all the required documentation for the 7th time. I recently asked for a date when it will be distributed to me and they replied and said that I never signed the paperwork and asked for me to repeat the process an 8th time. I know I signed the paperwork. I have proof. It has been an inaccurate excuse each time for Voya to avoid them giving me my distribution.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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