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    • Feb 2, 2019
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    Hum by Verizon

    Doesn't work, no customer support, waste of time and money.

    They assured me this system would work with multiple vehicles, but I ordered just one Hum+ to assess it. It worked reasonably well for two weeks (albeit with rather slow updates), so I ordered another, this time a HumX. For the first two days, both worked, but updates were even slower.

    By the third day, both updating stopped altogether. I called Support, told them I was unable to locate one of my vehicles, and they told me to "remove the device, wait two minutes, reinstall it, and drive for 20 minutes." I suggested that this might be difficult given that I didn't know where the vehicle was located...Yes, I could call the driver - but that's not the point is it?

    The support person spoke with a thick foreign accent, and when I asked where he was located he refused to tell. I asked again, "Are you in the USA?" He repeated his refusal.

    A few days later I tried the whole remove/wait/reinstall/drive routine on both vehicles. They then worked, so I tried the "Road Service" button on the HumX. I received no answer at all. I then called support again, using the Road Service number on their website. Again I was answered by a thick accent, whom I then asked to locate my vehicle. He could not. Two days later both units quit working - again.

    After three more calls to service over the next week, it became obvious that this system simply does not work. I called Verizon to have both units removed from my bill and returned, they said I would have to pay $120 per unit "Termination Fee," stating that I had signed a contract.

    I offered that the contract also included them actually providing a working product, which they had not. After 3 hours on the phone to various "managers," one finally agreed to remove all but $60 of the excess charges, but demanded I UPS one of the units back to them the same day. He assured me the corrected bill would show immediately.

    I boxed and shipped the unit, and provided Verizon with a tracking number. Their rep then sent an email of what was supposed to be the corrected bill. It included their $60 concession, and also $235 worth of extra charges.

    In short (too late), Verizon will gleefully lie to you, make you jump through hoops, then blast you with a big bill for absolutely no services. The only thing missing is a return call saying "Hahaha, GOTCHA!"

    They now have one week to fix my bill, or I will cancel the four cell phones I have with them and sue.

    Bottom line: Verizon is crooked. Once they have you, they don't give a crap about service. Don't deal with this company.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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