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    • Feb 6, 2019
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    Customer service

    Overall Experience:

    I had been a member of Pre-Paid Legal/LegalShield for about 11 years. The advice that they usually have to offer, well don't be too optimistic and expect to be disappointed. Almost every time I had called on an issue, they had responded along the lines with "I don't know what to tell you" or something else that adds with that type of logic. Sounds like they are acknowledging that they are unknowledgeable, inexperienced lawyers. I don't remember a time when their advice helped to get me out of a jam. I only stayed with them because I didn't know of any other Pre-Paid Legal plans, but now I do and I'm hooked up with another plan. I hit the end of my rope in October 2018. I was calling about a specific legal matter. In the past, I spoke to the receptionist and got calls back from attorneys. At this point, September/October 2018 that started to change drastically.

    I called and spoke with the receptionist and I was told I would get a callback. Well, that never happened. Then I called back and got the same runaround. I was told the supervising attorney Anita was handling my matter and had to have one of the lawyers call me back and that wasn't happening. They put me in contact with Anita and I told her I was tired of the runaround. She gave me some lame story and said I was being rude and raising my voice. So would she if she was in my position. I explained my reasoning and she hung up on me. Really professional right? I called back the receptionist and I was getting really aggravated and telling them that I was paying for this service and to stop with the games. They said a lawyer would call back. Well, no callback.

    Then when I called, I kept getting transferred to someone's voicemail through the receptionist and I had called honestly about 15 times in about an hour trying to reach a human, not a voicemail. I finally called another number in billing and got a human. I told her the ongoing issues and I was trying to reach the attorney. She was nice and said she would have someone call me back and that did happen. I communicated with her and she got me in contact with the attorney that I needed to talk to so I could finish the business that I started with her.

    Days later I had noticed an unexplained refund on my bank account. I checked it out and yep you guessed it. LegalShield canceled my account. Without my consent or request. I called about it and they gave me some excuse and said they could not communicate with me. I'm not the one who fails to return phone calls. I should be saying that. They mailed me a letter about it. Then I got a phone call from them in which they wanted to be sure I knew of the canceled account. I guess they wanted to throw that in my face some more. I told the lady that I was going to make a negative review about this experience and she replied "Thank you." Like she didn't care since it was not going to impact her.

    Well, the fewer the clients with LegalShield, the less revenue is collected and they have to start laying people off. Why should she not be counted into it? I'm sure that the supervising attorney Anita was behind the canceled account. There are other Pre-Paid Legal plans. Save yourself the headache and aggravation. They screw up and cancel my account like I'm being punished for bad behavior. I'm set up elsewhere and this review will follow them. Now who's being punished. At least I'm honest.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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