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    • Feb 6, 2019
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    Beware of this company, learn from my tragedy.

    We used in 11/17. The man we used let my dog out in the front yard without a leash (anyone knows NEVER to let a dog out without a leash). My dog (not knowing who this man was) ran away and was missing for 10 days. My dog was cold, hungry, scared, wondering where we were. She was hit by a car the first night and survived (I know this because the person who hit her contacted me). She was hit on the 10th day and died. During the time my dog was missing, allowed Mr. Guard (the man "watching" my dog) to continue offering his services through their site. They told me they were doing an "investigation," but they refused to tell me what that entailed. After their "investigation" and after my dog died, they felt it was ok for him to continue on their site. They never interviewed me. I would have told him that Mr. Guard was watching TV in his warm house 2 hours after my dog went missing (it took me that long to get there), never apologized to me, never offered to help me look for my dog or put up flyers. In the 10 days I was looking for my dog I never once saw him out looking for her, but I did see several members of the community out

    I wonder if knew this man let out TWO dogs prior to my dog getting out (side note: since then he's let out 2 more)? Animal Control can verify this and I have the records. I can guess their "investigation" missed that, but it seems pretty basic that they would contact Animal Control or maybe they did know and just didn’t think that was a reason to keep him off their sight. hides behind their contract - they don't have to tell me or anyone else what they did to "investigate" or how/if they disciplined him. So basically, they could say they investigated, but then do absolutely nothing - you would never know either way. They cared more about protecting his rights than my rights - the actual victim. After the community found out that allowed this man to stay on their site (and to make money for them), they wrote to them demanding they get this man off their sight. It wasn't until then that they took Mr. G off. I guess they realized they would lose more money by losing all these potential customers than they would have made off Mr. G. Please be careful when using They do not care about you.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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