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    • Feb 10, 2019
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    Buyer beware

    Overall Experience:

    I am so disappointed in this experience. Perhaps it was too much to expect to learn data analytics online. BUT when the software gets in the way, the GUI is lacking in graphics and the instructors are anything but helpful, look out.

    Firstly, the guy giving the video lectures is NOT the guy you will interact with. You will interact with a DIFFERENT PERSON each section of the course. No continuity and no way to get to know them.

    The course was Data Analytics and Visualization, a certificate in three months. Three months!

    The marketing materials state that the content is "accessible" to those not versed in statistics. Only a lawyer would say something like that. Yes, it is "accessible," but in the sense of you can get it online. Not in you can "get it" as concepts are not fully explained by anyone but the video instructor whom you CANNOT INTERACT WITH.

    The software used has too much text and white space that could have been improved with more intuitive graphics. Hiding the "ask your instructor a question" under the "help" question mark icon (which is usually for technical assistance) was just one headache.

    Discussions online seem to serve more to use as course work and you do not get a chance to "know" anyone which is what is missing from online learning, to begin with. I reached out to someone, but he was not really open to collaborating. He flat out told me this course was like gravy because he already had an MBA.

    This course is great if you already do data analytics for a living and want to show your bosses you deserve a raise or compensation for taking the course.

    You are totally on your own for this course. Good luck. Search elsewhere for a more comprehensive, continuous experience with better portal GUI. Rule of thumb: Do not take an online course unless you test drive the user interface FIRST.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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