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    • Feb 10, 2019
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    Magic Ear

    Customer service

    We purchase the Magic Ear for our father simply for the fact that we are tired of watching TV with him with the volume turned up to 75+. I watched reviews and read reviews on this and feel fairly confident that this is exactly the product we need since hearing aids are not in his budget. I was especially impressed with a review done by a television station where they took it to a retirement home and all the patients in the retirement home gave it a thumbs up, even those that had expensive hearing devices really liked the Magic Ear.

    I completely understood the return policy from Magic Ear which is if we’re not completely satisfied or didn’t like the product that we could return it with a full refund, but I would be required to pay shipping. My argument and the thing that I am most disappointed in is that we received a Magic Ear that didn’t work at all. It did not amplify any sound, even for those of us with hearing could not pick up anything except for static, probably from the air phones connected to the device. We followed all directions, which was simple and very few, charge it fully turn, turn volume up plug the headphones in and we were a reasonable distance from the television. We could pick up nothing, not even the sound of people nearby talking.

    So I requested that I not have to pay for shipping to return it. I felt like that was fair, it wasn’t my problem that I received a product that didn’t work. It’s already a hassle to have to return something let alone pay for something that you trusted in and hoped would be a product that would be useful for you. It was their responsibility to send me a product that worked. This wasn’t a matter of me the customer not liking the product or the product not being what we thought it was, it was simply a matter of a product that didn’t work properly, so I shouldn’t be penalized for that. All I did was request that they pay for shipping for me to return the product. I’m a very dissatisfied and unhappy customer!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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