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    • Feb 20, 2019
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    Citizens Disability

    Hire a local attorney!

    Overall Experience:

    I did get my disability in just under two years, here is my issue. I did all of the footwork and paperwork, they were not there for me at all! My grandson came to live with me at this time and I had NO income, I had checked into having my case expedited, the SS office said that I could file for that and I should go through my attorney, so I called them and guess what they told me, that there was no such thing!

    I began this process myself and did everything I needed to do and fax it all over to the disability determination office. Three weeks later I received a letter telling me that it had been excepted and my attorney needed to go online to a site and fill out some documents. I call Citizens Disability to let them know and their response once again was there is no such thing as having your case expedited! Even though I was standing there with the paper in my hand! I called the disability board and explained everything to them. I also told them I tried to fire them but we were too far along in the case and was unable to do so. They wanted the case to drag out so they could get more money, was my belief.

    My court date was set for December 4th, I was called on November 13th and told not to come, that the Judge ruled in my favor! Today is now 2/15/19 and I have yet to receive any payments of any kind and yesterday the local SS office called me asking me all kinds of questions, like who lived with me when, and other things that really should not matter! And before you ask, NO it was not a scam, I got the number, looked it up, called it back with the extension and spoke with her again. Now she said that she needs to call my father and ask him some questions! WTH!

    I called my so-called ATTORNEY and no one will call me back! Ohhhhh, and now today their phone lines are down (it's Friday, LOL).

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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