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    • Feb 27, 2019
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    YouTube TV


    As long as YouTube is censoring and removing users and their non-copyright content, due to political or religious beliefs, they do not deserve our paid business.

    Pat Condell uploaded a clip entitled “Welcome to Saudi Britain” in which he ridiculed British Muslims while simultaneously denouncing the “corrupt” Saudi regime. The company removed the video and issued a warning to Condell, noting YouTube’s community guidelines and stating that users who break the rules risk having their account disabled. Notably, the company did not state which rule Condell had violated.

    Yet, videos about DearbornISTAN Michigan are still on YouTube. revealing a change of missing Americanism that has been replaced with Muslimism store fronts, and noting that there were no American flags in Muslim family's any yard. Folks, they're not immigrating, they've colonized since Muslims have taken seats in U.S. Government offices.

    YouTube claims the following rule, but many users have complained about Youtube's removals of their content without citing any broken rule. There are many complaints listed online due to YouTube's policies having a double standard, or no standard.

    THE ARGUMENT: The Truth MUST be shared.

    [ Excerpt from ]...

    “Normally, this type of violence would violate our community guidelines and terms of service and we would remove them,” YouTube’s then-Manager of News, Olivia Ma, stated in May 2011. But we have a clause in our community guidelines that makes an exception for videos that are educational, documentary or scientific in nature.... In these cases, we actually make an exception and say we understand that these videos have real news value.”

    Some countries have blocked YouTube from their citizens view. That is another fight FOR PEOPLE TO OVERCOME.

    WE HAVE GATHERED SEVERAL PIECES OF CRIMINAL EVIDENCE OF HOW OUR MEDIA IS NOT REPORTING THE TRUTH TO US DUE TO THEIR CONTROLLING ALLIANCE WITH A GLOBAL CABAL. This coop will eventually be broken, as NEW News Reporters are rising. Until then, the world is in MEDIA BLACKOUT. YouTube is just one source of sharing The Truth.

    Also research how ABC CBS CNN MSNBC NBC NYT and other mainstream media outlets have committed Treason against its people.

    What is the difference between treason and high treason?

    Historically, in common law countries, high treason is treason against the state. It was differentiated from petty treason (or petit treason), which was treason against a lesser lawful superior (such as a servant killing his master). ... High treason is criminal disloyalty to one's government.

    High treason - Wikipedia

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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