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    • Feb 27, 2019
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    New Age Serum

    Scam, not worth it!

    Nowhere when purchasing the trail serum does it say you're signing up for a subscription. I bought this in November 2018 and thought okay, for the price on the trial wouldn’t be so bad. I accidentally clicked twice the submit button and it said it’s a duplicate order. I thought well, it wouldn’t hurt to keep the second one, especially that it was during the holidays. So much is going on and who wants to be on the phone with an online company.

    Lo and behold, I got another bottle in January! Like, wait a second, now this has to stop! They charge your card $29.95 for each bottle and I’m still on the first one! So now I have all these bottles! I called to cancel and the guy was so rude and was basically blaming me! It’s a scam and nowhere in the paperwork when you get the item does it say "Thank you for your subscription!" So you're blindsided! The fact that they aren’t honest shows how it’s about them getting your money and not about the honest results of the product! The company refused to take back the other two because it was over 30 days! It’s a scam and not worth the trial because the product is garbage.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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