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    • Mar 12, 2019
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    Most dishonest company

    I had no problem with BasicTalk when I was actually using the service. My troubles started when I tried to transfer my service to Comcast. My home number should’ve been "ported" to Comcast, but it never happened correctly. We started having this weird situation where our incoming calls do not come through our landlines even though we have a dial tone on our phone and are able to call out. It turned out that BasicTalk never released our number and they blocked all incoming calls. The only option for our callers is to leave messages. We have to log in to BasicTalk's website in order to retrieve these messages.

    I have made numerous calls to both Comcast and BasicTalk to resolve this peculiar problem. Both companies offer very little help and the problem never got resolved. I didn’t want to just cancel BasicTalk in the beginning, because I was told I might lose my number if Comcast fails to port my number properly. However, after paying two phone bills for a couple of years for the same telephone number to continue a service I can’t use, I finally had enough. At that point it was it was pretty clear that we no longer need a landline, therefore, I called BasicTalk to cancel the service. Boy was it a difficult conversation!

    BasicTalk uses a call center overseas (I believe in India?). Their rep has a very thick accent and communicates in a way that’s most confusing and frustrating. I insisted repeatedly to cancel my service, but I was unsure if the rep took my request. At the end, I have to check my credit card bill to make sure that BasicTalk stopped charging me, which they did. That happened a couple of years ago.

    I have not been looking at my credit card statements very closely and to my surprise, I just saw BasicTalk showing up on my latest statement again! I don’t know yet how long this has been going on. I looked back my statements from the past year; BasicTalk was on every statement.

    The practice of refusing to release my number to Comcast, plus stated to bill me again, after I had already cancel the service, is downright unethical and most likely illegal. Please consider this a fair warning and NEVER become a customer of BasicTalk because they make it impossible to ever leave them.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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