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    • Mar 13, 2019
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    Sense Home Energy Monitor

    Best smart home product! Save energy use and improve home safety!

    Overall Experience:

    We installed Sense with the help of a professional electrician 5 months ago. It didn't take much effort to contact the electrician and had them come to install. But to be honest, I kept questioning myself - is this a product worth $300 + installation fee?! So far we have been with Sense for 5 months. And I can confidently say, the money is well spent! The product started helping us save money and improve house safe since Month #1!

    One of the biggest gain from Sense - it helped us save money! I love my kitchen light because they are so bright and lights are warm. This is always my first light to turn on when I arrive home and I always leave them open even if I am not in the kitchen. But after Sense installed, I was surprised to see these lights are 380w! They are 42 times higher than my hue light (9w). Now, I will avoid leaving the kitchen light or similar lights on in my house if unnecessary. Without Sense, I don't think I will ever look at my energy in a quantitive way. Also, we start paying attention to high energy consuming product such as oven/stove, try to use them in a more efficient way, such as use the right stove based on pot size (1700w difference)! Without seeing the numbers on the app, we will never know how we can do better on energy saving! Sense is teaching me how to save money, and also how to change my bad energy habit.

    Another big gain from Sense - helps me check if my home is safe or not! One time we were on a road trip and my sister suddenly said she was not sure if she turned off the stove before we left. She was very worried and said we had to come back to check while we were 100 miles away from home. But when I looked at my Sense App, it told me my current energy usage was only 90w and none of the stove is being used. There are many these moments - was my iron on while I left? Did I closed my garage door? Was my heat working while we were not at home...these are all answered by Sense!

    I am a big IOT fan and we have so many different IOT products at home. But I would say my best investment so far is Sense! It is not only a fun or good to have product, it is a must-have product, we can see ROI on the energy bill and home safety!

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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