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    • Mar 18, 2019
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    Petal Card


    When the Petal Card showed up as a recommendation for me from Credit Karma, I loved their mission statement and their desire to help people who perhaps have experienced difficulties and the offer sounded almost too good to be true! No fees? No annual fee? Could have been a real game changer but alas, it was not.

    Filling out the application on their site wasn't easy. They're were glitches upon glitches, and I had to put my information in numerous times, deal with screens that were cut off, missing borders, certain ones where numbers couldn't be put in, etc.

    I fought the good battle though and made it through.

    Now here's where it gets not only strange but highly disconcerting. It said I needed to link my bank account as the final step so I did and after saying it linked but was having trouble getting the appropriate data? Then it said "IF" I was approved, I'd receive a secure link. Needless to say, no link ever came. I then started to panic a bit with the realization that they were now linked to my bank account but apparently weren't going to issue me a card. Why link my bank account? That should not have been done until you were approved for the card! Now I'm all stressed out and panicking...especially after reading all their 1-star reviews. Not a good sign for a brand new company.

    I guess all I can do now is vigilantly check my bank account for any suspicious activity and hope I wasn't just a victim of identity theft.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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