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    • Mar 5, 2016
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    Exede Internet

    Direct TV promoting a crap internet service through Exede, Wildblue

    Around 12/20/2015 we called Direct TV to make changes to our TV viewing service, since couple of months prior we were notified by Verizon that Verizon and Direct TV were no longer bundled together in our service agreement with Verizon, and we needed to deal directly with Direct TV about our TV subscription service, independently from Verizon, whom we had internet service with. At the time we were paying around $150.00 when both services were bundled together, Direct TV and Internet from Verizon, on the same bill.

    We then proceeded with contacting Direct TV about making changes to our service and possibly canceling to save money. The representative told us that if we kept the service with Direct TV, they would lower our bill and give us a really discounted bundle offer if we cancelled the internet with Verizon. They offered Direct TV and internet for around $80.00 dollars combined, but with no mention of service/contract being independent from Direct TV. They did not mention a third party nor the name of the company which the internet service would be through, nor that it would be a separate contract through this third party company (ViaSat Inc. Exede).

    In conversation with Direct TV representative we agreed to a new agreement. They only mentioned we would have a bundle cost of around $80.00 for new agreement with Direct TV programming service and Internet. On that same conversation with Direct TV representative, we scheduled to have two separate installations done for our new service agreement, one for the Direct TV and separate for the internet. At this point there was no mention it would be through a third party, nor any mention of separate contract agreements.

    Around 12/24/2015 the separate installer came to install the Internet. Prior to finalizing the install the technician requested a credit card, he indicated it was required only to activate to service with credit card on file. So I proceeded to call my husband, who was at work at the time, to speak with the technician about his request to use a credit card, to confirm with him and to see if it was OK. My husband spoke with the technician over the phone, again the technician mentioned he needed a credit card on file to finalize the install with no charge. My husband gave his credit card over the phone to proceed. In that install visit from the internet service, technician made no mention of billing or service contract agreements. He did not mention the separate contract, nor any contract to explain that we were tied to any term. And because it was done through Direct TV, a company that has been around and is reputable, we assumed it was all taken care off through Direct TV, just the same way we had the bundle agreement through Verizon for Direct TV before.

    The problems started a few days after the internet was installed. We had connection problems with the internet, the modem kept interrupting service. So when we called Direct TV about the connection issue, we were told we had to call a separate number and company to fix the issues, and that they had no say in that process. We then found out we were with a separate company, Via Sat Inc., but still no mention of separate billing and contract agreement either.

    In the first month of January the service was plagued with connection issues with the modem, customer service was terrible every time we called, we were even threatened to pay $180.00 to replace the modem if it was faulty. We told them it was unfair, especially when the service had not worked for the entire month since it first got installed. Finally around the end of January they sent a technician for the third time to confirm it was a faulty modem, he indicated he would mention to his supervisors that it was a manufacture defect so we wouldn't be the ones responsible in paying for the faulty box.

    After the modem got replaced we found out in the month of February that the service did not perform as was stated by the Direct TV representative. Again it was Direct TV who sold us on the service, we were told that the service would be up to 25 Mbps for internet speed but with a 5 gigs of data limit, and that it would drop to only 15 Mbps after the 5 gigs of data was used. The problem is this internet is worthless when it comes to speed, I just tested the speed and here are the results as follows. 8 Mbps for download, and 3.78 Mbps for upload. We called a few weeks ago and they told us there might be a service call charge for checking what is wrong. We have gotten so tired of dealing with ViaSat Inc. or as its being called Exede/ WildBlue.

    But what prompted to finally submit a complaint is when my husband noticed a $83.80 charge on 12/28/15, $80.78 charge on 01/28/2016 and a $80.78 charge on 02/28/2016 on the very same bank card we were asked to use by the technician on the day of the install. We called Exede customer service and that's when we found out they are charging us $80.78 a month separately from Direct TV. We asked them on what bases, and their only response is, that was in a verbal binding agreement when we spoke to Direct TV about the service. We said there was never any mention of $79.00 a month being the amount for service either. Their reply was that it is automatically a binding agreement when the service got installed, even without a contract letter or verbal disclosure from the installer. They say it only has to be accepted to be installed to be a binding agreement. I then replied, how can that be, if there was no mention of terms when speaking with Direct TV over the phone, nor from ViaSat or Exede representative. Their response is it doesn't matter, and if we want to disconnect they would be happy to do so, but we have to pay $15 dollars per month of agreed remaining two year contract, which again was never mentioned prior to accepting. We were told it was automatically agreed when the technician installed the service, which amounts to $330.00 disconnection fee if we decided to cancel.

    We called Direct TV about this mess. All they can say, is they are sorry for the misunderstanding, even after we told them we were misled by their customer service representative, who misled us to believe it would be bundled through them with a only $20 dollar a month charge for internet on top of renewing service with Direct TV. It turns out we are now paying more than what we were paying with Verizon prior to canceling the internet service. It now amounts to $81.00 a month from Direct TV, and $80.00 from Exede/Wildblue ViaSat Inc. Again Direct TV's response was by saying we are sorry for the misunderstanding, and they understood how upset we were, but it was no longer in their hands, and we have to resolve it with Exede directly.

    We need help, this is a nightmare, we are very disappointed with Direct TV for the misleading sale of a third party internet service without disclosing the true charge and mentioning of third party provider and contract as being different than theirs. We entrusted Direct TV of being a reputable and professional company. It's very upsetting that the only reason we are dealing with this problem with ViaSat Inc. in the first place is because it was referred to us by Direct TV. We did not shop and seek Exede/ WildBlue, ViaSat Inc. independently. We feel this is the worst bait and switch that was given to us by Direct TV. We are so upset with Direct TV. And if we tried to cancel them there would be a big cancelation fee from them too.

    At this point we would like to seek help from the Attorney General's office to resolve the issue with Exede/ Wildblue ViaSat Inc. and cancel this service if possible. And get our money back for a service that doesn't work, and hopefully seek internet service with Verizon or other reputable company. We really need Internet service for my husband's work and at current time cannot afford to change over until we are able to avoid the penalty charges we are threatened with for canceling.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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