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    • Mar 28, 2019
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    Landmark Home Warranty


    I first noticed an issue with my oven in December of 2017. It was not pre-heating appropriately. We had a service technician come out provided through Landmark and attempt to fix the issue. They had to come out several times and I was assured that the issue was fixed as the technician tested the oven.

    Unfortunately, this is not an issue that is easy to identify if it is working or not for someone without the proper tools due to its nature, and I identified that the oven was not working still sometime later. The oven was never fixed, and when I contacted Landmark to let the know the oven had never been fixed, they informed me I had to place another request and pay another $70, and have another technician come out to address the oven again. Again the oven was "fixed" and tested, assured that it was working. The oven was in fact not working still even though a second claim was filed and I was assured it was fixed.

    I contacted Landmark in November asking them to come fix the oven for a third time when I noticed it was still not preheating appropriately. I was told I would have to pay a third time for this claim even though the oven had not been fixed the first or second time and there was documentation of both of these claims.

    In late December my oven door fell off. What had happened during all of this time with them messing with the oven is they had never noticed that the screws were loose and/or missing, this put additional and unnecessary strain on the oven door, and the door fell off. I believe that the contractors may have contributed to this issue since they had been out so many times messing with my oven.

    Now I am being told that Landmark will not cover the repair of my oven door because it is not normal wear and tear. I understand that this is not normal wear and tear, but the reason that it happened in the first place is because of the technicians hired by their company hired to fix my oven did not identify the root of the issue and/or caused the problem to begin with. The company they hired did a terrible job with the repair each time they came out, they have horrible customer service, and overall I was extremely unsatisfied with the service they provided. I filed a complaint with Landmark against them each time they came out.

    The door falling off is Landmark and their contractor's fault. They are responsible and need to cover the cost of the replacement, yet I am being told no. I have now paid $210 to Landmark in service fees as well as my monthly payment with no resolution of my original issue.

    If this needs to be covered on the end of the contractor as it is their fault the issue arose in the first place, then Landmark should have coordinated that. Yet I am being given the runaround and disrespected.

    I have reached out to numerous customer service representatives as well as when I canceled my warranty someone reached out to me to ask why. When I told them what had happened, they did not acknowledge my concerns in any way and just informed me that my service was officially canceled.

    I do not recommend this company in any way, shape, or form.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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