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    • Mar 8, 2016
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    Overall Experience:

    Applied for a loan few months ago but never accepted the loan as my bank offered me a loan with a reasonable interest rate (8% vs 110+%).

    I later became disabled with a terminal illness and had to stop working. Filed for disability and was approved. Still waiting for my checks to arrive.

    I started to fall behind in my credit obligations and went from a 800 to 500 (FICO). Got a letter from Loanme saying I was preapproved for 3000.00. With all my disability back pay I would be able to pay that off within 2 months so I figured what the hell. Called the number on the letter and after 3 hours I was declined.

    On my credit report they have 2 inquires and Cashcall has 1. Never in my life have I called Cashcall, but Loanme is associated with Cashcall.

    Also, credit report shows Cashcall approved and issued a loan for $3000.00.

    I disputed this and the credit agency confirmed the debt is valid. They did this by asking Cashcall if the information is correct. That's all it took. Now my FICO is 300.

    I have since written a letter to the credit agencies disputing their findings. Waiting for a response. This is fraud. The loan with no payment and inquires are hurting my credit even more.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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