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    • Apr 16, 2019
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    Instant Checkmate

    Extremely terrible service

    Okay, so. I was getting calls from an unfamiliar international phone number located in the United States. I decided to sign up to this service because I didn't realize that EVERY SINGLE PIECE of information that I was given on the phone number that I searched was free on the white pages! I was given BARELY ANY information on it, I was told it was a Verizon service located in Oakland, CA. Not even given a current name for it (I was told by customer service over the phone it might be a prepaid number and that they aren't always available to see). I was then conned out of EVEN MORE MONEY to sign up for premium, I was told that if I did it might open up more avenues and databases for these goons to search through to get the info I wanted...big mistake, huge! It wasn't able to tell me much more at all, let alone anything useful!

    Then when I complained that it wasn't fair I should be charged for premium - the person I spoke with was so so so kindly spoken, and so apologetic.. BUT STILL WOULDN'T REFUND IT! I told them to cancel everything, I was assured that it was finalized.

    One month later, I'm not only charged the standard fee, but they still had the premium fee tacked onto it!! They also apparently had no note on file requesting that I requested to have it canceled so I was refused yet another refund...I was asked if I still had the email I sent them requesting the cancellation...NO, I DON'T HAVE IT, I spoke with someone on the phone, SHEESH! (I teeth had the bright idea to ask if someone could listen to the call recording from my prior conversation but I was told that wasn't possible because they don't record calls like that! What the heck!?)

    At any rate, I'm now told that it is definitely canceled this time and that if I get charged again it will definitely be refunded because they left an appropriate note this time! I won't hold my breath.

    People, heed my warning! These people are unscrupulous thieves! I'm almost positive that the 5-star reviews here for things like "I found out my ex was cheating through this service" are probably put there by Instant Checkmate.

    Fact is, I literally found the same information out for free on White Pages!

    DON'T waste your money! They sign you up and don't let you cancel and then refuse you the refund you should be entitled to!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Apr 17, 2019

      Company Response from Instant Checkmate

      Hi Gem,

      I'm so sorry that you were unhappy with the information you received in your report and had a negative experience with Instant Checkmate support.

      We compile existing public records into one report, and sometimes the information we are provided isn't as thorough as we would like. However, I agree that you should have been refunded for this and would like to get that processed for you. I'm unable to locate your account with the information provided in this review, could you please send us an email to or respond to this review with your full name and/or email address you used to sign up with so that we can assist?


      Instant Checkmate Support

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