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    • Apr 16, 2019
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    Endurance Auto Warranty

    This company are smooth talkers, but no action.

    I purchased this automotive warranty back in early February for my 06 Corvette with only 71k miles. I noticed a few days back that the check engine light came on. I called up Endurance and asked that if what I was calling about would be covered. NOTE: I had a couple of other issues (nothing major), so I asked if these items were covered. They told me that all the items were covered, as I have purchased the best policy. I then had forgotten to ask another question, so I called back and had the next agent answer my question, along with reassuring me that the items I had called about were covered.

    Well, to my surprise, I bring my car to the dealership, and I was told that there is a $600.00 diagnostic fee, and not to worry as this is all covered by Endurance as they had told me it is all covered under my plan. So I get a call yesterday from the Service Department, and was told that Endurance told them that NOTHING was covered and the claim was DENIED. Endurance told the Chevrolet Dealership that "my warranty plan is one of the lower plans that doesn't cover much," CONTRARY to what I WAS TOLD the day it was SOLD TO ME.

    So then I call up Endurance and request a supervisor. I was put on hold for almost 30 minutes. The supervisor (I believe Trad, Trevor, Todd, name to that effect) gets on the phone and tries to give me the runaround, and then tells me "well, you do have the best policy for a 13-year-old vehicle with high mileage."

    Needless to say, he then transferred me to his superior (Daniel, Danny, whatever), and at first the call started out somewhat smooth, although his voice and way of talking was straight out of a car salesman training book. Very smooth talker, knows how to make everything seem as if it's ok to get screwed. He reiterated himself multiple times, and then told me he would email me the calls after he reviewed them, but then later retracted that and said that only he can listen to the calls. NOTE: There is no prompt nor employee that states that you are being recorded on these calls. I asked him that if he was to discover (which he will) three separate employees telling me about the coverage of my vehicle (two of them confirming the day before I brought the car in, and then the man who sold me the policy back on February 5th), what would transpire, and would that mean they would cover the $600.00 as I feel that's very unfair for me to have to come out of pocket. He told me that nothing would be covered, and the review of the calls was for his own "inside review."

    He then went on to badger me about how he is a MASTER TECH AND "finds it interesting that three days after my 60-day wait period that I have ALL THESE PROBLEMS," and then goes on to read all the problems that THE DEALERSHIP DISCOVERED. I told him that first off, I never received a copy of my policy in the mail (which he said he would email to me, and never did), and then told me to rest assured that he would review those calls and call me the following day. I asked him does that mean that something will be done by Endurance coverage-wise if he listens and realizes that I am telling the truth, and also that I never even realized that I had a 60-day waiting period. I was told in my first call (when I purchased this), that it was a 30-day period and all I needed to do was get an oil change and send them in the receipt. He went on again to explain that NOTHING WILL BE COVERED. I told him my frustrations and let him know that he along with others at this company are good salesmen, and they know how to smooth talk. He told me "Do not disrespect me, I am not a salesman, I am a special supervisor blah blah position" and how dare I insult him like that. I just told him that his way of handling situations is very poor, and if there is nothing they will do, that I will be contacting my attorney. He assured me nothing would get done by them, but NO REASON IS NECESSARY in getting my attorney involved. I just simply hung up on him. Still to this moment, 18+ hours later, still NO POLICY SENT TO MY EMAIL.

    Stay far FAR away from this company! They know how to spew the word EVERYTHING, when it comes to selling you the policy, but sure know how to say NOTHING is covered if/when the time comes that you do need to use it. Sad. Terrible experience. I have four vehicles and four different aftermarket warranties due to buying them from different dealerships, and I will say that I have never had an issue EVER like this. The other companies may work slower, but they actually cover things, EVEN MAINTENANCE ITEMS. Endurance SUCKS!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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