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    • Apr 23, 2019
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    Tax day fail for TaxSlayer

    Overall Experience:

    We all know tax day can be stressful. Should most of us have filed our taxes before the deadline of 4/15/19? Probably. But nothing stimulates action like a deadline. As the procrastinator that I am with 4 children and 2 jobs, I began my taxes on Tax Day yesterday at 7 pm. Since it usually only takes me a couple of hours, I was not worried. Until Tax Slayer three a wrench in the gears. Not only did the Refund Estimator Tool not work until 11:30 PM, the Tool that transfers your info from Federal to State was broken as well! After waiting an hour and speaking with customer service, their answer to the issue was that I should file an extension! No apology, no accountability, just an unhelpful suggestion which doesn’t help the situation if you OWE money to the government because of independent contractor’s tax. Terrible advice, because if you don’t pay what you owe by the deadline, you get taxed a penalty! As a tax software company, your ONE JOB is to ensure your customers can efficiently and effectively complete their taxes using your software, whether it is January 1st or April 15th. The fact that your infrastructure failed on the biggest day of the year for your company is bad enough. The lack of accountability on top of it is maddening.

    I ended up copying over all the tax information to TurboTax and finished my taxes at 11:45 pm. No issues with TurboTax. Never using TaxSlayer again.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Apr 24, 2019

      Company Response from TaxSlayer

      Hi Matt, we sincerely apologize for the issues you encountered. Please know that our internal teams have worked tirelessly to ensure this issue doesn’t happen again. This is not the typical TaxSlayer experience and we are committed to helping you slay your taxes should you need us in the future.

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