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    • Apr 25, 2019
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    Love results from DermaWand

    Overall Experience:

    Okay, I’m going to briefly write WHY I love my DermaWand. But first, if people write crappy reviews due to price, they’re just basically trying to find something wrong. They are like the reviewers who will hate a book on Amazon because they didn’t like the second-hand book and it cost them $5. I just wanted to write that first.

    The price for DermaWand will vary according to any special deal on a TV. I personally paid less than $154 (which included S&H, and I had no problem with that price). They take out monthly payments, and I appreciate that. Unlike those commercials where

    “You only pay $4.99 for these vitamins and if you don’t like it, send it back!” Until you see a charge on your card for $105 five days later that NOBODY told you nor was it in the tiny print! Those are scams!

    DermaWand is NOT A SCAM!

    Okay, now onto the results: I am 58, nearly 59 and have been blessed with great skin. BUT, my face is falling! I’m getting a double chin, those lines on foreheads and jowls! UGH. So my years are definitely catching up!

    The first two weeks I worked the DermaWand on my face twice a day. Of course, you’re not going to see immediate results, but I never saw my skin so dewy smooth and the tiny lines were working themselves away. Then after two weeks, I, unfortunately, was involved in a car accident, hit and run no less. So I had to have neck surgery and put my DermaWand away for six months.

    I picked it back up three months ago and again my skin is dewy perfect for a (nearly) 59-year-old mom and grandma! When I’m at a point of 120 days, I’m sending in my before pic and an after pic. I absolutely have no complaints with this product! It’s easy to use, I did use the first setting but went up high because it didn’t bother my skin. I’ve had no bad redness, or anything out of the ordinary - seriously NOTHING. I’m British too and we have a heritage of white skin (ok at times pasty). NOW my skin looks like it did when I walked long walks near the Sea Side, meaning Brits have GREAT skin because we believe in the great outdoors and even though our food is bland, it always helped my skin!

    The only, only reason I gave 4 stars was because I was on the automatic renewal of skin care products, and the price for 5 -6 products was good, BUT, I canceled the auto renewal since I didn’t need them. The problem was a salesperson forgot to put it in the computer and I kept receiving them. I kind of gave up explaining "I don’t need all these products" and totally forgot! The next thing I knew, I received the full amount for three months of products back on my debit card! That really impressed me and I wrote them directly to thank them for every penny returned! If I need anymore, which I will, I’ll just order again!

    So it’s NOT 4 stars, it’s 4.8 stars...and this mom of 5 stands by DermaWand! So all the reviews and haters that are not necessary (I’m sure there are real ones). Please take it from works! Or this tightwad would have NEVER paid for anything over $100 to see results in the near future!

    Thank you for allowing me to write this review and NOBODY told me or held my arm behind my back to

    write it either! Nor did I get a red cent...just wanted to add a funny.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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