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    • May 1, 2019
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    Cancer Treatment Centers of America

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    I was accepted by CTCA of Oklahoma with adenoid cystic carcinoma. Initially on our first visit, my daughter and I thought they were wonderful. The plan was for radical surgery and 33 radiation treatments, since this type of cancer does not respond to chemotherapy. I had my surgery in January 2019, which left the left side of my face paralyzed since the nerve in my face for muscle movement was full of cancer.

    During recovery, it became evident that there was an infection in my neck region. My sister took me to their emergency clinic twice. The first time I was given 2 injections of antibiotics and a sample was taken to determine what type of infection I was dealing with. After several days it was evident the injections did not work. My sister took me to their ER once again. The nurse took a cell phone photo of my neck and ear to the surgeon who said the swelling was normal. Long story short, I was sent home with a raging infection with massive amounts of crap draining out of my ear canal.

    Two weeks later I get a phone call that yes, it was a nasty infection and it took so long to find out because they have to send out labs to another facility. I call BS on that response! Then I fly back out to have reconstructive surgery, do pre-op, and prepare for surgery in the morning. I get a phone call from my surgeon that my insurance refused to pay for it, considering it cosmetic. So, he did not get pre-approval until the day of surgery? He said he would appeal. His appeal was sending the same paperwork he initially sent...nice!

    I think the worst thing was, they waited to check my teeth when I flew out for 6 weeks of radiation. Before they fit me with a mask, they found out I had some teeth that needed attention. So, I was sent home once again. I was later to find out that the normal protocol was to check teeth as soon as a treatment plan was made. While getting my teeth fixed, I received a call from CTCA that my insurance had been dropped due to a new company folding I was working for. I was told that I was no longer a patient with them and best of luck. I literally begged them and the woman rudely told me I was done with them.

    I recently went to Mayo clinic to find out that all their "3 stooges" moves had cost me any chance of remission. Radiation needed to be done within 6 weeks of surgery or it was pointless.

    I would not recommend CTCA to anyone! If I would have gone with my gut, I may have had the chance to live 10 more years. I am now receiving palliative care and planning my funeral. They are disorganized and greedy. The only thing going for them is their marketing commercials. Don't fall for them like I did! It may cost you your life!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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