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    • May 7, 2019
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    DroneX Pro

    Horrible service, defective drone, dishonest company.

    Overall Experience:

    Before buying my drone I spent a couple of weeks researching drones. I looked at warranty, reviews and company data before making my choice. I went with the DroneX Pro because of the 3-year warranty advertised on their website that states it will be repaired or replaces at no cost to you the consumer.

    Initially, I was happy with my purchase. I got the 3 drone deal for just under $200 with the idea that I would give one away and still have a backup. When they arrived I was shocked to get my drones in a plastic envelope rather than a box. All 3 boxes inside were crunched thanks to the level of care in shipping. I didn't see any obvious damage on any of the drones so I did nothing.

    I tested each drone for basic flight and they all seemed to fly. I sent one to a friend after testing it for several days that all functions worked. I have been using one drone a lot for the past 6 weeks. I have tested its responsiveness and sensitivities like I do with all of my radio control helicopters and airplanes. I fly 1/4 scale airplanes so I am no newbie to radio control flight. As you might figure I have run it into a few things like tree branches and walls during the learning process and testing the drones' limits.

    After the drones last impact with a tree branch, one rotor blade stopped working. I ordered replacement parts off Amazon that were sold for the Eachines E-58 drone and they are exact fit items.

    While I was waiting for my replacement motors and blades I started to use my last drone that had been sitting in the box for 6 weeks. It flew fine on the first impression just buzzing back and forth. When I tried to do any controlled flights I noticed several defects. It yawed clockwise, it would not hold altitude steady, and headless mode did not work. Defective control board.

    I emailed the company: support@hyperstech.com. I told them about the defects, requested a new receiver board so I could replace the defective one. I got a quick reply that they could "help me no further" because it was out of the 30-day return policy.

    There have been no further responses from the company yet. In hindsight, I should have insisted on replacement units based on the shipping damage right away. FYI the website states you have 2 months to notify them of shipping damage.

    I wish I would have ordered the Eachine E-58 drones on Amazon for less money. I know I would get excellent customer service because Amazon is the best in service.

    I say dishonest company because what they publish on their website is not the truth. The drone will not fly anywhere near 21 minutes on a single charge. The best flight time I have been able to get without video was 7 minutes flying indoors. They advertise a warranty that they do not honor.

    Stay clear of HypersTech products unless you don't mind throwing money away. If you have already bought a DroneX Pro and need repair parts you should go to Amazon or Banggood.com and buy the E-58 drone parts.

    Happy Flying...

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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