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    • Jun 6, 2019
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    Cannot be without it

    Overall Experience:

    I got this and made sure I had an open mind about whether it was effective or not because I believe a person's mindset can affect the results they will see so I made sure my mindset was nuetral. When I first used it I kept it on the low setting and even though it was painless, I was too scared to turn it up higher because I have a fear of electricity, lightning, zaps, and being shocked because I received a hefty zap on the palm of my hand as a kid when I plugged something into an outlet and it left a black scorch mark on my hand. So I was afraid to increase the level until my gay hairdresser told me "Giiiirl, turn that UP! It feels so good and look how good my skin looks!" So I gradually increased it and it only feels uncomfortable (like pins and needles) if you hold the wand about 1/8 of an inch away from your skin. As long as the wand is making contact with the skin it feels just fine. I have a very young appearance anyway even though I’m 51 but I also don't act my age (my humor is silly and sometimes juvenile, but funny nevertheless), and I dress way younger because I have the body for it (I am the same size I was in high school) and my hairstyles tend to veer to the younger side (bangs, pigtails, braids, temp dreadlocks, etc.) so people have a hard time believing I'm 51.

    But one thing I was noticing was forehead lines (but they can be obscured with bangs), lines between my eyes at the top of my nose, and an outline under my eyes, they are dark circles, just circles with a slight puff but not puffy if that makes sense. When I reached the highest setting (9), I started using it every day for 15 minutes straight but I never use it at night because I lack the motivation but after using it diligently for 6 months straight all the issues I noticed were gone. I always keep my DermaWand wrapped in the bubble wrap it came in and always make sure I put it away after every use, but I went to use it a few days ago (maybe a week ago) and both the plastic thing that covers the bulb that makes contact with your skin has completely broken off and the bulb inside was shattered. I have no idea how that could have happened as careful as I am with this thing. Did it spontaneously just shatter? I can say, all I know is I don't have the money right now to buy another one and they will only sell you a bulb if you can show proof of purchase, but I bought mine off Craigslist (unopened/never used), so I couldn’t produce proof of purchase so I haven't been able to do the treatments and my face has gone right back to its previous state, so when I buy a replacement I will have to start all over again to get to the results I was at before. It does work after a few uses, but significant results come gradually over time so all that work I put into diligently using it for 15 minutes a day, never skipping a day, I have lost, so if you are considering buying one, buy it directly from their website so you can show proof of purchase if your bulb breaks and you need to buy a replacement and do it swiftly because if you wait too long you will lose what results you have seen up to that point.

    Also, just a tip on making sure they don't keep charging your card, make sure you have a bank that allows you to log in online and create virtual one-time use card numbers linked to your actual card number then after the charge goes thru, log into your bank account and close that virtual card number. You will still be able to get a refund issued back to that card number if you decide to return it within the 30 days because it's linked to your actual debit card account, but no charges can be debited after you close it out. Hope this review helps.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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