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    • Mar 15, 2016
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    Fat Diminisher System

    This is quite hilarious

    I'm an RN. If it smells like crap, well... you know. Food acids, really? Let's get a few things straightened out here Wes Virgin. (Your name sucks like a Dyson.) High blood pressure and Diabetes Type I &II cause renal (kidney) failure, which in turn leads to metabolic acidosis. Interestingly all of the end stage renal disease patients I have cared for were skin and bones. Far from the obese 40% BMI you speak of. Your foods may cause a slight shift in blood pH but can not disturb it drastically if your kidneys are working properly. Normal blood pH is 7.2, if I remember correctly. So blood should be slightly alkalotic. Healthy foods like vegetables can help maintain this perfect 7.2 blood pH. When your kidneys fail and you forget to go to your dialysis appointment your pH starts to go down below 7 which is defined as acidosis. The electrical potential of the nervous system is then disturbed by this low pH. As the number goes down further to lets say 6.5 or below, you start having nerve condition problems that lead to heart palpitations or arrhythmias. Possibly a heart attack if you are not yet already in the Emergency Room.

    Point is -- medical problems cause acidosis not foods. Lung disease can cause respiratory acidosis as well. Look up carbonic anhydrase equation. Again it's a medical problem that leads to acidosis. Not foods. Although some foods can help induce slight alkalinity. No food will actually cause acidosis. Make sense? If you really want to lose weight buy a quality whey protein shake that contains casein and egg albumin and tastes really good, as you will need to stick to it. Drink it twice a day. Morning and night. Eat a couple small healthy snacks throughout the day.

    Supplements that actually work. Take DHEA 100mg​ 3 times daily. DIM 300mg twice daily and Virgin Coconut oil 1-2tbsp​. twice daily. THAT'S IT. There are a million other supplements that will make you healthy but not necessarily make you lean. I prefer the coconut soft gels 15 per day instead of the raw oil with a spoon, although it's cheaper. It must contain Lauric acid as saturated fat. Yes you heard that right, saturated. Also eat tons of Avocados. Same thing, SATURATED fat that burns your body fat and kills appetite. Good luck and as always my advice is free.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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