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    • Jun 13, 2019
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    Endurance Auto Warranty

    Don't waste your money! They will not pay claims.

    My car needs a new engine and this company is trying to find every way not to pay the claim. My car has been at the dealership service for almost a month. The service team said that I have a bent valve and I need a new engine. Endurance sent out an inspector and they also agreed that a new engine was needed. When I contacted Endurance three days later first they said they couldn’t get in contact with the third party inspector. Then two days after that they changed the story and said that my valve was stuck (which isn’t covered) instead of bent. The dealership knew that was not correct and requested that the inspector be brought back to solve the issue. Endurance refused to contact the inspector. I called and requested proof of the inspector’s report stating that the valve was stuck and not bent. The warranty refused to do that as well. I said then I as the consumer is supposed to just believe what you are saying over the people that actually have my car. They said yes. Then after that, they said they want an additional break down to determine if the valve is bent and actually not stuck. That wasn’t enough. I even had the service manager call and ask for what they wanted.

    The dealership did everything that was requested and still they keep asking for more. The service manager called me extremely frustrated and said in 30 years he has never dealt with a warranty company that played this many games and is extremely rude. He advised that I get a lawyer and that is exactly what I am going to do. I have complied with everything the warranty company has asked for now my car is completely torn apart and the dealership is saying I have to pay them $1500 + towing fees to remove my car off their lot and if I don’t by Friday they have to start charging me storage fees. This isn't right!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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