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    • Jun 18, 2019
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    Varo Money

    Horrible service, unprofessional requests

    I am a freelance web developer, and two weeks ago I finished up a site and decided to have my client pay me for the job via ACH transfer into my new Varo account. The client somehow made an error and the transfer showed up in my account with his name as the receiver and my name as the sender. So Varo decided to put my account into suspended status and freeze my funds pending verification of my identity, no big deal, I provided them with the requested scan of my driver's license and copy of my current AT&T bill. As well as an explanation as to the transposition of the names. I received an email back the next day stating that my AT&T bill could not be accepted because of a water stain and that I need to provide another form of address verification, so I provided them with the AT&T bill prior to the one I already provided as well as a copy of my gas and electric bill and a copy of my California Department of Motor Vehicles Vehicle Registration.

    This is now 5 items all acceptable forms of identification at any other financial institution I have provided them per there request, yet my funds are still frozen and I am being told that I now need to provide them with a COPY OF MY CLIENT'S IDENTIFICATION! The client lives in a different state does not bank with Varo and other than the website that was made and the payment I received I have virtual zero relationship with this person and these people at Varo are really telling me that in order to get paid money that is rightfully deposited into my account, even though I provided them with 3 extra pieces of identity verification documents confirming my identity, I need to now get in touch with this other person and ask them to provide me with their ID so I can go and give it to these cons at Varo, and if I am unable to provide this third party's ID, I do not get paid. My former client has no obligation to agree, it is not his bank, he has not signed any contract with Varo, where does Varo think they can hold back what is contractually mine per the deposit agreement in lieu of a third-party not contractually bound doing something.

    I do not recommend them at all, despite repeated attempts I can not get anyone on the phone that can help with this matter, all the operators tell me that the person handling this will email me, repeated request per email for a phone call but nothing.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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