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    • Jun 20, 2019
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    Power Air Fryer Oven

    Do not recommend

    Overall Experience:

    We read the entire instruction booklet, familiarized ourselves with all the pieces, wash everything, and spent an hour and a half doing it. Then we tried french fries. It's obvious to me now that good results for french fries are only possible with bagged frozen fries. Forget about trying to make your own home fries. Even with a dedicated french fry cutter to ensure all fries are uniform in size and thickness, they came out every time with some limp as noodles while others were burnt to a crisp. The fries are cooked in a basket that rotates - but some of the fries stick to the mesh sides of the basket while the others rotate in clumps. You can guess which ones burn and which don't cook through. Obviously, they have lots of problems with fries since there are several suggestions in the manual - such as spritz with oil, use more oil, use less oil, dry the fries "properly" before placing in the fryer oven, use different potatoes, ETC! In other words, don't cook homemade fries in the fryer. Really? That's the most frequent food I want to "fry." Nevermind. It is also a fight to get the fryer basket or rotisserie into the fryer over. You have to put it in on the left side first and even when you do, you have to keep wiggling and pushing it until it inserts fully and then you can push the right side in. And then do it in reverse to remove it. Awkward. Really awkward. Again - nevermind. From looking over reviews on other fryers, this one doesn't get a gold star.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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