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    • Jul 1, 2019
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    Endurance Auto Warranty

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    I am currently updating my reviews of Endurance Auto Warranty for the positive. PLEASE READ BELOW.

    The process of having repairs done to my vehicle was time-consuming as I imagined it would be. Everything is a process and everything has to be noted and verified. This company is by the book. Damaged parts/claims must be proven to be at fault and visible to be considered eligible. The guidelines to how they determine this can be tricky.

    It is not the easiest to get a hold of Endurance (20 min wait time average), so to follow up on claims can be hours in total.

    My parts that were listed as damaged were in fact covered by Endurance after sending an adjuster out twice to verify. Endurance did have the repairs fixed at my dealership of choice. They did provide me with a rental car for 5 days and they did pay in full the total for labor and parts.

    I am PLEASED with the company that they held onto their promise of vehicle protection. I was nervous with the amount of negative reviews, but honestly, my mind has changed. Endurance came through.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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    • Jun 22, 2019

    Will they resolve this?


    I am currently in the process of a claim. My vehicle has the supreme policy, and I was told this would be the perfect choice for my type of vehicle (2014 Equus) because of the features and costly options. Two weeks ago the suspension on my car began to lower. I immediately had the vehicle sent to the dealership. The verdict was simple. My hydraulic pump was defective, sending too much air pressure to the airbags, causing them to leak, which then caused the interior rods to snap. The service manager contacted Endurance and verified that the parts were covered by my policy. I then called Endurance where a representative verified the exact same thing to me just to be sure. At this point, he said they would send out an adjuster to finalize the repairs needed. Because the airbags were damaged from the faulty pump the adjuster listed only the airbags as a faulty item because they had physical damage to them. The pump was then disregarded for a reason they could not explain to me other than it "looking fine". The problem is Endurance does not want to send another adjuster out to see that the pump will blow a new set of airbags. They need the dealership to prove the pump is at fault and this is ALL OF THE PROOF they need if only they would get an adjuster out to see this occur. Of course, that is too convenient, and I'm stuck in the loophole fighting for them to handle this appropriately.

    As a business owner, I know better. I immediately contacted Endurance and the dealership 12 times over the course of 2 days to dispute this and explain that the airbags were caused by the faulty pump and now having the new airbags this can be proven. They are saying that they have finalized the issues reported and do not plan to send another adjuster out. So this means the airbags will blow again the moment the car attempts to self-level. So another claim to Endurance only to experience the exact same situation?!

    This has been a horrible experience for me. I will do every single thing in my power from both my side and the business side to have fair treatment and proper care. I have reached out to contact corporate. I have my attorney for this matter to stay engaged with this every step of the way.

    Endurance should represent their company and clients better, and this will be the test to see if they do. If they resolve this then my reviews will change and I will keep my policy. Simple as that. The repairs are still less than my premium. This comes down to principles.

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