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    • Jul 9, 2019
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    Petal Card

    Petal is a shady business, DO NOT APPLY

    Was given very good approval odds through Experian and Credit Karma, am new to credit, no credit cards, only installment loans. Thin file.

    Was immediately pre-approved for the card, confident about applying, submitted the application, was emailed a notice that they needed more time to review the application and would contact me within two weeks.

    Ok, that's cool, three days goes by I get a call from Petal, they want to verify my identity, went smooth as silk and was fully verified in less than three minutes and said they would email me a decision within 7-10 business days.

    Thirty minutes later, I kid you not, got the approval notice email. Approved for $3.5k with a 665 FICO score. That's pretty sweet right, for a first-time credit cardholder. So I set up my account and download their app. Everything seems to be going smooth, received a friendly welcome email and other warm emails. Turns out they're generic. False kindness...

    Anyways, fast forward four days, I get a text stating they noticed suspicious activity on my account and had blocked my card. That's weird, I haven't even received my card, let alone them ship it. Immediately call, the first rep tells me they have no idea what's happened but the account has been closed.

    Whaaaat?! They offer to email their "back office" and they will "call back" to tell me the exact reasons, guess what, they didn't call back. I call back a 2nd time and get the rudest SOB I've ever had the displeasure of talking to and was informed the reason given after a gobful of attitude was "Experian closed the account." What utter garbage, and to "call Experian", I then ask to speak to the so-called "back office" that was supposed to call me back and he immediately put me on a 15-minute hold and comes back saying it's not possible, THEN the SOB hung up. Infuriated I called Experian, they laughed and said "they can't close accounts," so I'm livid and I call again to Petal asking for a supervisor who unfortunately also was moody, and after arguing back and forth for over 1 hour about the account closure, I finally speak to an account manager. She was slightly more helpful, but after a while of explaining everything in latent terms she got impatient and fobbed me off and basically gave me "there's nothing we can do" speech and evidently wouldn't give me the time of day because of their stupid terms and conditions policy, which by the way is in violation of so many credit law acts, quoted the fact they can do as they please. Again, persistently asked to speak to their "back office" and again refused, stating they couldn't tell me anything due to "limited" resources. Then proceeded to tell me they work directly with the back office. Ok, send them an email, "no, I see no reason to". So I'm teeming with rage but keep my composure and kindly ask they stop sending the automated emails as it's sickly sweet. To which they agreed I would be removed from the emails.

    By law if an account is closed they must give a reason in writing if the consumer requests it, they have said they will not provide this, so I have reported them to CFPB and FDIC explaining that they closed my account on account of discriminatory reasons due to the fact that they would not give me a reason as stated by law and poor customer service. I will update in 30-60 days their response.

    It has now been over 2 weeks and since then have received my card which I shredded immediately and emailed them with the picture captioned "so much for a customer". And still get the emails to activate my card, even though I asked them to stop sending me automated emails.

    Do not apply with this company, they are nothing but LIARS AND POSSIBLY SCAM ARTISTS. READ THE REVIEWS!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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