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    • Aug 14, 2019
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    By the way

    These guys talk a big game of "caring", but it's not always evident. Make sure you think through what you plan to do before paying for the course. They say they've sold it to 1.8 million customers, more than a billion dollars worth, but you won't find millions of successful students on YouTube.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Aug 15, 2019

      Company Response from Jumpcut

      Hey Timothy,

      Thank you for taking the time to write this comprehensive review.

      Before we dive into addressing your concerns one by one, we want to take a moment to say we’re truly sorry to hear that your experience with us thus far hasn’t been the best. Your concerns are understandable, and we hope to shed some light on them with this response.

      1) On finding a channel idea, and how it’s one of the big hurdles you’ll encounter when starting out

      We understand how challenging it is to come up with an idea for your channel because it's one of the biggest roadblocks when you’re first starting out, and one of the reasons aspiring YouTubers give up altogether. This is exactly why it's the first thing we tackle in our free training series, and something we talk about in-depth in our course. We give you the framework and guidelines to make it easier for you to jump right in, get started, and think of ideas for your channel. We do this because the first roadblock to success isn’t actually finding a channel idea — it’s getting started. And it is our hope that by providing you with a formula to come up with channel names, you can skip that first hurdle and move forward faster.

      2) The One-Year Guarantee and how it works

      The One-Year Guarantee, to put it simply, is a guarantee that you have 1 year (365 days) to try out the course, see if it works for you, and if you find out within that time that it’s not for you, we will provide a full refund.

      Now, to qualify for the guarantee, we require one thing and one thing only: show us you’ve done work and gave the course a shot before concluding that it wasn’t for you. While we take pride in our courses, we also want to make sure that our students truly find value in them. This is why we encourage you to complete the course before deciding it’s not for you. If you realize after going through the course that it's not giving you the results you wanted, then we're happy to return your investment provided that you send in your course assignments. These assignments are extremely doable as they’re simply knowledge checks that encourage the application of the concepts taught — we won’t ask for a million subscribers or hundreds of successful videos or anything of the like.

      We give a year to try out the course because we want to give ample time to apply the lessons. However, you can request for a refund under the guarantee any time within that year.

      3) The Simple Pickup YouTube channel

      We are an entirely independent company from Simple Pickup with a different approach and goal, although we would not have been founded if it wasn't for Simple Pickup's success. As Simple Pickup is a time of the past, we've chosen to take down the videos since we’re going in a different direction. As time passes, goals change, and this decision is a step closer to the direction we're heading towards right now.

      On a last note, we truly care about our students and your success, which is why we’re really grateful for all the feedback we receive, especially when it relates to improving our courses and approach. We provide support whenever we can because we sincerely want to help make your lives better. For that reason, if ever you're experiencing any issues with your creative process (or anything at all!), such as when you reached out to us last July 29th about your struggles with coming up with a channel idea, just email us once again at support@jumpcut.com, and we’ll do our best to help, whether it’s by directing you to the perfect module in the course (as our support agent did then) or giving you tips on how to stay motivated. Plus, you also have the whole community via the forum at your fingertips, so please don't hesitate to ask your fellow students as well.

      Once again, we really appreciate your insightful review and hope this response helps!

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    • Aug 6, 2019

    Be careful!

    After you sign up and pay, you can find out that MOST PEOPLE fail because they never get past the first hurdle - coming up with a good channel idea.

    They write: "Yep - most people never find a good channel idea, thus never create a successful channel...they see that their first idea failed, and rather than trying a different angle, they give up. They let the first and most critical obstacle stop them from achieving their goal."

    I can tell you from trying that it's often not a matter of giving up, it can be having standards for what you are willing or able to do, after you have a closer look with an understanding.

    Their 365-day refund requires that you do all the work in the course once you discover how pointless it would be. They don't tell you that the hurdle most people fail at is at the beginning and the guarantee is only at the very end.

    Watch what they did in the "simple pickup" channel on YouTube, if you can find it any more (there were a ton of complaints). These are not nice guys with other peoples' well-being in mind. And they will keep your money without a refund when you learn what they hid from you. (Papered over in bravado about how good the "365-day refund" really is.)

    I would definitely try to come up with a channel direction before signing up for this course. This blog post has a good intro that takes you through choosing a channel direction:


    Take care. These guys talk a big game of "caring" for you, but they evidently care only for your money.

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