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    • Aug 7, 2019
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    Terrible service

    In April of 2018 I contacted TruGreen to treat my lawn. On 4/24/18 Kevin Brown inspected my lawn and said they could definitely improve it, that I might see some decline at first but should fill in nicely. Treatments were performed starting 5/1-10/18 for a total of 7 treatments at a cost of $400.18. As Aug and September passed I noticed a large portion of my lawn was turning brown and dying. In no part of my lawn did I see any improvement, only thinner and browner. By the spring of 2019, 60% of my lawn was dead.

    Calls to TruGreen were unanswered. After a social media post I was contacted on 5/8/19 and told they would look into it. On 5/21/19 at 9am I was contacted by Dan Mercier who stated that on 5/20 my lawn had been aerated and slit seeded by TruGreen. This wasn’t true because two hours later I was contacted by another guy from TruGreen who was at my house to aerate/slit seed my lawn. I left work for the day and met two men at my house. These two men had no idea what they were doing. The fellow operating the aerating machine, by his own admission, had never operated one before and was using it with a flat tire that I had to fix. The 2nd fellow, presumably the one in charge, had little knowledge of how to operate the slit seeder or how either machine should be used. Neither of them appeared to be trained in any lawn care.

    At my expense, I covered bare areas with straw and kept entire lawn moist as needed. Taking into consideration the cold spring I knew germination would be slow. The results after 30 days were abysmal. Since that time I have fertilized and saw some improvement but most of my lawn is in poorer condition than before TruGreen. At least 2500sf will have to be tilled and reseeded from scratch. I paid TruGreen for their professional services. They left my lawn in worse shape than when they started. If you want a nice lawn, don't use TruGreen.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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