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    • Aug 14, 2019
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    American Home Shield

    A bloody nightmare that never ends

    The worst experience I’ve ever had. I’m not used to being so negative and normally do not write reviews. But this experience was awful!

    I joined AHS 4/19. I reported two leaking toilets and kitchen faucet leak on 5/13. AHS sent one of their contractors out after a week of us waiting. The contractor was an hour away, even though there are closer plumbers. He said he fixed everything. He left and I tried flushing one toilet, and now didn’t even flush. The kitchen sink still leaked. So, now we were worse off. I tried running after plumber down the street. He turned the corner, so, I called his business. A gal put me on hold to call the plumber. She got back to me and said he was too far away to return! That was a lie. It was 3:30-4pm and he wanted to miss the traffic (his words before he left).

    I spent the next TWO MONTHS, trying to get it resolved. We hired a plumber who we paid to fix leaking kitchen faucet and he verified the toilets needed replacing. So, I continued to call AHS daily, regarding the toilets. Every AHS associate I spoke with was difficult to understand because of their foreign accents. I kept records of every call (total of 15 calls) made with dates, times, associate names I spoke with and employee ID #’s when they were willing to give it to me. They kept saying they needed to talk to the contractor. I would be put on hold over 45 minutes (having to listen to the most hideous repetitious music) and then disconnected. Each call, they hold put me on hold to read the notes. I don’t know why, because they never seemed to understand the issues. I was lied to by AHS associates. I even spoke to two supervisors. One just put me on hold then disconnected me.

    Weeks went by, as I continued to call them getting results. We did not have a flushing toilet for over two months. I finally decided to stop payment on my monthly bill. Eventually, somebody did contact me about the stop payment. It was only then that somebody who spoke perfect English called me, Mr. Gates. By then I knew I wanted nothing else to do with AHS once we got this resolved and told Mr. Gates that. He was able to finally resolve the issue and we replaced both toilets. I was told I was canceled and apologized too, as well.

    Again, we were without a flushing toilet for two months. I am a senior citizen with high blood pressure. This did not help my blood pressure. The lack of service and the frustration they put me through, eventually made me sick. Once we were done with them, we wanted nothing else to do with AHS. It’s a scam! We thought we were done with them. However, in July I received a bill for $53.32. I sent an email back to a lady named Amy, because she was following up on payment, I guess. I explained everything to her and never heard back from her. Today I got that bill, again. I’ve made four phone calls this morning with similar results! Nothing! They gave me a telephone number for their "National Dispute Resolution Team" and nobody answers. So, I called an associate back and was told this was an admin fee for canceling their contract! I’ve asked if they would please waive that fee due to my bad experience with them and being on a limited income. On my final phone call with AHS, today, I was told they would refer this to some resolution department. Yeah, right! So, now I wait and risk them reporting this to a credit agency to affect my credit score.

    Again, I am a senior citizen on a limited income. I have a difficult time thinking anyone could give AHS a good review! Perhaps, AHS provides some good experiences for some people. But when they don’t, the experience could not get worse! So, despite my feeling about AHS, I’m still stuck dealing with them and I can’t get any resolution! Again, I was a brand new customer with AHS, and this is how I was treated. So, my nightmare with AHS continues.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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