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    • Aug 16, 2019
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    No promises kept

    Overall Experience:

    I was looking for weed control on our newbought house lawn. I talked to Justin of TruGreen who told me the weeds can be taken care of no problem, although he didn't see it (I told him to come over, he said he can see our lawn on Google Maps).

    He also said if it doesn't work you don't need to pay.

    We had the house inspection done in the winter and the grass was in that spot not level. I asked him if he could fix it. He said he would send a machine in what could do that (I cannot remember the name of the machine, I am not from Canada originally).

    After the first spray, I called the company after 3 days as Justin told me to do that if I didn't see any results. They told me that my salesman didn't know where he was talking about...that the product needed more time to work. I called back later...and was told by Justin that the next spray was on the house. The second spray was done by a good person, as it worked with spots on the leaves of the weeds. That second person also explained to me that it needed to be sprayed more and that first, only the spots appear. Then one day I got another bill in my mailbox that the spring aeration and overseeding was done. I didn't see any results. I did not see that machine or the person. I called the office again and told them nothing happened, I only would like the second person on my one else. Then, 3 weeks later, another bill was found in the front hall and a warning sign on the lawn, with nothing written on it. Again I was told it was free. Again I got another bill. Again, I called TruGreen and Justin to not send anyone till I got a manager over to see my lawn. is now the middle of August and finally, someone came to see my lawn. He told me that the weed control with this spray would not kill weeds. But TruGreen got comments from other people that the lawn was dead so they dilute the spray a lot now.

    He asked what they could do to make it up to us. I said, let me pay for what I got...which, really, was 1 spray what worked...

    Then I finally got a call from another manager (Ken I think was his name) who said that I could only get 1 spray for free as I didn't complain earlier. He couldn't find anything in the system. Well...I now get my phone bill out and will prove that I did call. I also just called TruGreen to see if they could tell me when I called and told them the first time that the spray didn't work.

    He told me the date. And what was said. So it IS in the computer. I asked him for more dates, but the person on the phone became suspicious and told me that pretty soon I would be hearing from a manager...

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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