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    • Aug 20, 2019
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    Overall Experience:

    Never ever again will I use them for ANYTHING. I ordered a small order, a burrito, and chips with the last of my paycheck. They canceled my order 3 times. The last attempt it accepted, and the charge for the order went through. I waited for 30 minutes, and it never arrived. So I check my app, it has once again been canceled. I call "customer support," and he's like sorry, nothing I can do, you'll get your money back in 3 days. In the background it sounds like a party. People laughing extremely loud, and he's not even listening to me. He gave me the most insincere apology. I asked for a manager and he said his manager wouldn't deal with such a small problem. If my problem is so small THEN WHY CAN'T YOU DO YOUR JOB AND FIX IT. He said I can wait 3 days and get my money and TRY AGAIN. I said IF I HAD THE TIME AND MONEY TO WAIT 3 DAYS DO YOU THINK I WOULD BE USING THIS DELIVERY APP? I am so angry and he made me feel so insignificant. I will never support this app and I will bash it at every available opportunity.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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