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    • Aug 27, 2019
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    American Home Shield

    Incompetence meets dysfunctional, mixed in a bowl of apathy

    It takes a lot to get me riled. In fact, I like to write kind reviews, and hardly ever write bad ones. But my level of frustration with this company is beyond stuff of nightmares. Where do I start? Here are just a few highlights.

    1) I've had a non-functioning dryer for over 7 weeks. First call the tech didn't come out for a week. He then had to order parts, which of course needed "approval" back from AHS. No status updates online. When I called, of course I'm put on hold, transferred, disconnected, call back, then finally speak to some lady (in the Philippines?) who says the parts were approved, and now waiting on local appliance company to order. What?! Of course, there is no proactive communication. Be prepared to spend a lot of time on the phone, and on hold. Speaking of which...

    2) There are extended hold and wait times EVERY TIME you call. Just one call I was on hold for 40 minutes, and the total call length was over 1.5 hours. This is just one of 10 calls I made to AHS in the last month. Their default answer is "sorry to keep you holding so long". This response is absolutely robotic, it truly sounds like part of their script - never authentic. i.e. I was put on hold for 11 minutes, just so the rep could get me a phone number to their "appliance purchasing" dept. Really? No one cares about you, your issues or delays - or why you couldn't do laundry or be without a fridge for a month - or the number of hours you've spent on the phone with them in complete frustration and angst. Why would they? They pay below minimum wage for out-of-country workers, and clearly it's just about turning a profit.

    3) They ask you to repeat info every time you call. The auto-attendant asks you for info, then they ask you for the same info again when you speak to an agent, along with 3 other pieces of verification data. Their systems are antiquated, and customer no-service reps don't document notes properly, and again, are apathetic in their responses. You can tell they deal with this all day long, and are just numb to any type of customer complaints or frustrations.

    4) The communication between AHS and their local "service providers" is a bad joke. Finger-pointing and denying requests is their modus operandi. After repeating the same info to 3 people, it still doesn't get interpreted properly by their local "partner" providers. So don't expect any level of even marginal service...and you will still be disappointed. Here are 2 more examples...

    5) Plumbing issues. I had a leaking toilet (from tank into bowl) and broken value on cold-water unit in the laundry room washing machine outlet. They refused to fix either. Mind you, I had already paid another $75 "deductible". For the toilet, the local plumber said: "overflow pipe was broken, and our AHS contract only allows us to repair cracked or rusty pipes - not ones broken all the way through." What??! Um, it's broken because the chlorine and rust ate through this 18-year-old PVC, and when I went to look at it myself to diagnose the issue to call it in, the remaining 10% of the pipe (hanging by a thread) snapped off. As for the cold-water turn-valve, it was stuck in the "open" position, and would not close, but apparently, because it's not leaking, it too was not covered. Are you kidding?! So as long I never have to remove the washer hose, I guess it's fine. Plumber said, well, they can replace it, but it would have to be the whole junction box, and AHS won't cover that - it would run $375. What??!

    6) AC issue. We didn't have proper airflow to 2 of the rooms. So local HVAC company checked the AC system and said it was okay, but the air ducts were probably clogged, compressed, or cut, thus losing airflow. He said if AHS would cover that cost if that were the case, but since he had to get into our attic to visually assess it, and the cost to do THAT was not covered. What?! (Again.) How can you cover a claim if you cannot properly assess or diagnose the claim? Unbelievable!

    The list goes on and on. One of the biggest problems is that AHS has extremely restrictive contracts with the local service providers. Like many insurance companies, these companies are taught to look for any reason to deny the claim - just refer to the examples above.

    Do yourself a favor - look elsewhere or just hire a qualified service contractor when needed. Stay FAR, FAR AWAY from this nightmare of a company.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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