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    • Sep 2, 2019
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    You get less than you pay for

    Overall Experience:

    I was told by someone at my tax attorney’s office that LegalShield is like a concierge doctor - you pay a monthly fee ahead of time and when you need a lawyer for something that comes up they provide one. He must have been getting compensation for referrals, because their service is nothing like that. If you call, they want documentation about the issue emailed to their server in a complex process and in a week or so an associate of the law firm assigned to you by the app calls you and agrees to write a letter in response to whatever letter you got that need legal help with. That’s it. They will not do anything more. If you try to go beyond that first communication, they refer to ANOTHER lawyer at a different firm for a supposed discount rate. It is clear they don’t even really read the material you sent to them. Their advice is always "pay the fine/bill/etc." or "you’ll never get that money back," and if you tell them again why you don’t think you should have to pay or why the money is owed you, they say "sorry, we’ve done your one letter already." Their detailed contract review always consists of "Yeah it seems pretty standard to me. Ok bye." The advice you pay for is basically "do nothing" in every case, or else "here go pay another lawyer more money, we’re done with you." They make it very hard to cancel the membership and auto-charge your credit card. I had to change my credit card to a dummy card issued to me by my bank so they’d stop charging me even after I asked them to cancel my membership. I read that they are basically just a pyramid scheme.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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