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    • Sep 21, 2019
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    American Home Shield

    Do NOT waste your time or money!

    Horrible. The service providers they send out seem trained to con you. Here is my story in September 2019 in detail for which AHS has told me they will not reimburse me for the $75 charge.

    Original problem: Both outside AC units AND inside fan are running BUT there is no air coming through the air vents in the house.

    We were given instructions to turn off the AC unit 24 hours prior to a visit from Rush Heating and Cooling and was given a window of service between 2 - 4 on Tuesday, September 10th.

    There was a problem with this service call from the beginning. Here is a summary of the issues that we faced on September 10th.

    1. Rush Heating and Air did not show at the appointed window of service nor did they communicate with me any issues concerning their tardiness.

    2. Therefore, I called Rush at 3:53 to ask when the service would be provided. I got an answering machine so left a message for them to call me as soon as possible. I followed up with a call to AHS too, but was told that the computers were down.

    3. I called Rush again at 4:41 and did get someone on the line who told me that there was a lot of traffic and that is why they were late.

    4. They finally arrived around 6, two hours after my window.

    5. They said the freon levels were at about 50% and needed approximately 2 pounds of freon gas which would cost $180

    6. They said that the unit was too small for the place and that was why the air was not circulating properly and a new unit was needed that could support the square footage of the building, yet the other 100+ townhomes in the community have the same unit.

    7. I was billed $75 for a service call which did not fix the problem.

    The AC unit was turned back on after the workers left. It did, in fact, cool the house and the airflow returned only to stop working again on Thursday, September 12th.

    As a result, I called in Azzo to assess the AC unit and here is what they found:

    1. There was ice built up around the pipes outside and that prevented the proper airflow through the house. This was due to a freon leak in the system.

    2. This would have been detected had Rush Heating and Air instructed me to turn on the AC unit one hour prior to their arrival.

    3. Freon was down by one pound, not two. Rush bold-faced lied.

    4. I was billed $100 by Azzo Air for the service call and freon, see attached.

    Thankfully, the unit is now working.

    It is my contention that due to the poor, dishonest and non-existent service offered by Rush Heating and Air, that I should not have been billed the $75 fee. Furthermore, That AHS should cover the costs of Azzo Air to fix the problem as part of the Warranty that is offered to new home buyers. After all, this is what the warranty and insurance are supposed to provide.

    I should be at a minimum refunded the $75 service charge and a check to cover my out-of-pocket expenses for Azzo Air for $100, which totals $175.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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