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    • Sep 21, 2019
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    Than Merrill

    Free 2 Hour Seminar, 3 Day Workshop, Mastery

    I attended the free 2-hour seminar with my husband expecting it would be an up-sell event for something bigger and I was right. The something bigger was a 3-day event for about $200 for two people. I've done a couple of real estate deals before and what impressed me in the 2-hour seminar is the introduction to "systems" that this organization has put in place that streamlines much of the process and is tried and true so we purchased the seats for the 3-day event. I expected the 3-day event to give us access to some of these tools they teased us with at the free seminar, but it didn't. It was a great motivational event and mind setting weekend (which I didn't need) and a lot of up-selling for the "Mastery" program - the big-ticket item ($30,000-$50,000 - which on the surface sounds ludicrous) that gives you access to the many systems this organization has built, as well as education on how to utilize them for up to 6 people (a little over $8,000 per head) for over one year of coaching and hand-holding, as well as unlimited access to an online education system and all the systems they've created to streamline real estate investing and reduce risks. To be honest, $50,000 is hard for anyone to pay out...but then what would one pay for a year's tuition and business coaching...and for a group of up to six people? When you look at how stellar the organization is, the quality of the human resources they employ, the quality and amount of systems you gain access to, the amount of education at your it worth it...that depends on YOU...are you willing to put in the time and effort needed to learn and apply what they have to offer? If you aren't then don't waste your time. This is truly only for those serious enough to hit the pavement hard and put in the effort. By doing so, there is real potential to build a business in real estate investing...this is not a "get rich quick scam"...this is an "are you ready to learn, work hard, apply what has been offered and put in your every effort to be successful with guidance" opportunity. Anyone who thinks you'll walk out with easy wealth is naive and should just stay home...those who are serious, this is an awesome organization that is sharing its experience - for a price, as you'd expect any educational institution would charge.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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